The Keyboard Biologist plays scientist by day and morphs back into a crafter by night. 

I spent most of my growing up years in the Midwesten United States and always knew I wanted to be some kind of scientist.  My academic training in pursuit of that scientific degree took me first to San Antonio, TX for my undergraduate work in biology and then to Chicago for my Ph.D. in immunology and masters in computer science. My stay in Chicago has lasted much longer than I expected because I fell in love with both my husband and the city.  We've settled in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood, and share our home with two cats and our lovely daughter.  I've migrated away from the bench in my career path, to more "keyboard" oriented pursuits and I spend my day to day life involved in a small company that focused on microbial genomics. 

My internet moniker comes from a conversation with a colleague at work who had also drifted from the bench to computational biology.  He joked that instead of bench scientists we were "keyboard biologists".  When I first started the blog, I thought I wanted to focus on bioinformatics resources... so the name seemed appropriate.  The blog clearly changed, but I always liked the name, so it stuck with me, even though it has no relationship at all to my fibery hobbies.

I've almost never met a craft I didn't enjoy, but the ones I spend the most time with involve manipulating various kinds of string into different compositions.  I've been knitting since 1995, and have steadily been picking up fiber-based hobbies ever since.  My crafting journal includes my paper arts experiments, journeys with my spinning wheel, and explorations of quilting, weaving and crochet.

When I'm not working or crafting, I'm usually out eating somewhere.  My husband and I have something of a passion for good food and good beer.  I also love to read, play computer role playing games, plant the occasional flower and play with all manner of electronic gadgets.   

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