Playing along with the Audrey-A-Long...

So, knitters, do you think you have what it takes to join the Audrey knit-a-long? What does it take, you ask, other than a few skeins of Rowan Calmer (or an appropriate substitute) to join this knit-a-long? Well, here goes! It takes VISION, a sense of STYLE, and a DESIRE to put some feminine fifties glamour into your wardrobe!

Visualize it!! Can you see yourself wearing this sweater? The ribbing in this sweater can either be a friend or foe depending on your figure, so it is important to visualize how you would look in it before you make a commitment to knitting it as it would be a shame to invest all that knitting in a garment you won't feel comfortable wearing.

A sense of style!! Of course you have a sense of style! You will be styliní around town in this sweater regardless of whether it is paired with slim slacks, jeans, or skirt. Itís a versatile sweater and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your mood!

A desire for fifties glamour!! Audrey Hepburn is the embodiment of fifties glamour and everyone needs a little fifties glamour in their wardrobe, donít you think? This sweater will make you feel not only feminine and glamorous, but also sassy enough to ride a Vespa! You know, sugar and spice and everything nice. How much sugar and how much spice are completely up to you!

Now, your knit-a-long hosts Theresa, Becky, Morgan, and Elisabeth thought that a special sweater such as Audrey called for a special knit-a-long. So, our sweet, yet sexy Audrey will have a group blog all of her own! At this blog, you will be free to carry on about the current state of your project, as well as share photographs of your progress. Better still, throughout the life of the knit-a-long there will be challengers that knit-a-longers will be presented with. Knit-a-longers who accept the challenge and complete it will get a reward (Yes, a REWARD!) -- we hope youíll play along, but thereís no pressure to do anything other than enjoy your knitting sweater.

Still interested??!! If so, please join us in this knit-a-long, with the understanding that the following blog rules must be followed:

1) Knit-a-longers are limited to one post per day on the Audrey blog. Of course, there is no requirement to post at all. If you have your own blog, cross posting to your own blog is fine, too (being mindful not to link to any pictures posted on the Audrey to your own blog Ė but feel free to download your own pictures to your own location and use them);

2) Knit-a-longers are also limited to one picture per post per day on the Audrey blog if they are hosted on the Audrey blog. Feel free to link as many pictures as you want from your own blog or webspace in your post at the Audrey blog. Any and all pictures posted on the Audrey blog must be no bigger than 25kb (if you donít know how to do this or how to figure this out, just ask one of the hosts and weíll try to help) and should not exceed 360 pixels in width (although 300 pixels in width is preferable, please);

3) Posting on the Audrey blog is limited, of course, to Audrey...either the sweater project, its namesake, or other related subjects the knit-a-long hosts may raise throughout the life of the knit-a-long!

4) All posts and comments are subject to deletion by the knit-a-long, think before you post! As always, one rule reigns ABSOLUTE: be kind to others. The Audrey blog is a negativity-free zone and rude, harsh, condescending or otherwise disparaging comments will be not be tolerated or permitted. The editorial decisions of the knitalong hosts are final. How to get started? Send Theresa an email ( Sheíll give you a log in for the blog and tell you how to get rolling. If youíve never used Movable Type before donít fret, itís easy and fun!