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Friday Frustration


Well. I took my Phil'Onde to the KIP tonight in hopes of swatching for "Le Pull" from the Phildar Famille book.

Phildar: Le Pull

It was the sweater that Phildar made available for free for a while. (They have a new free pattern that also uses Phil'Onde but is in the Tendences magazine. You have to go to the French Version of Phildar's website to find it.)

I didn't look very carefully at the pattern translation. I saw "US 5 needles" and so pulled those out and began my swatch. This pattern calls for 24 stitches and 26 rows over 4". I got way too many rows/inch.

Then I looked back at the pattern translation and realized that they were calling for a 4 mm needle. A US 5 is only 3.75 mm. So I breathed a short-lived sigh of relief, ripped out my swatch and cast back on using a US 6 (which can be a 4.0 mm or 4.25 mm needle).

Still too many rows per inch. Rip. Rip. Rip. Rip. Back into the box with the 6's.

Now I'm working on a swatch with US 7.0 mm (4.5 mm). It's looking like it has more promise, but I won't know until I get a few more rows in. The pattern specifies that I am supposed to knit loosely. I guess they weren't kidding.

Maybe I'll go back to lace and socks...

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. To all others, a happy weekend to you!

I was drooling over Le Pull myself, but only saw it as a crochet pattern. I didn't think it was available to knit too.

Do you know if I can find the free knitting version of the pattern anywhere else now that its not on the Phildar site?

Hey, Theresa! I'm also doing Le Pull and have not gotten beyond a swatch. My swatch on 6's also had too many rows/inch. Then I started looking around at the various gauges listed for the other models done in the Onde, and they're all over the place. Also, I'm not sure how to measure stitches/inch in the rib. What color are you using? I'm using the denim/sky colorway.


I am coming late to the Phil'Onde...I'm hoping that you might know where I can get a copy of Le Pull that was on the Phildar site that you mention. I have the yarn, but by the time I went looking for the pattern it was gone.


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