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Muppet Scarf Redux

I Was Trying to Dance

In the spirit of my favorite dancing rabbit, I was trying to dance to show my enthusiasm for my newest scarf, which I think could be related to her Muppet Pimp Coat. John and I still haven't quite got the dancing shots down, so for tonight, slightly off center is the best I can offer.

This simple scarf is all garter stitch. I cast on 30 stitches onto US 8 needles (5.0 mm) and just kept knitting until I had just enough left to bind off. That got me about 60" of scarf, which is completely respectable in my book -- it's always a pleasant surprise for me to get a wonderful treat scarf out of just one skein of yarn. I've decided to save the second skein to be cuffs and a collar for something special that needs fuzzy trim.

Oooh, that scarf is so funk-ay, so hip. I think that simple is the ideal way to go for yarn that has its own unique texture because it lets the yarn speak for itself. You wear this one so well. Dance, Theresa, dance! (Slightly off-center is usually the only way to get them....that's why my dancing shots usually look off center, and some with head chopped off [funnily enough, those aren't intentional; the mannequin shots are intentional cut-offs, though. Hee!])

I love how happy you look too! That's a great shot. I totally know what you mean about the one skein of yarn thing - it just appeals to ones frugal nature! (this is funny because when it comes to yarn, frugal is the last thing most of us are!!)

I was considering saying something like "muppet girl", but you really aren't one. Muppety, I mean.

My three year old daughter would steal that scarf from me in a heartbeat! I have quite a few narrow, one skein scarves in a variety of colors, to match various moods or outfits. It's a great way to indulge in expensive yarn without breaking the bank.

What a fantastic smile! I think this is one of the nicest shots of yourself that you've posted. More dancing pics please!

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