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Promiscuous Knitting


I have to offer a disclaimer to this post. It is being written under the influence of three absolutely wonderful Frontera Grill Blue Agave Margaritas. Others may disagree, but you really haven't lived until you've had a few of these. Preferably all in a row so that your blood alcohol level is suitably high and you feel no inhibitions at all when it comes to vigorously dancing around your office while playing Franz Ferdinand very loudly. Right now even my cats are looking at me like I am off my rocker. And maybe I am, but when it's February in Chicago, you've got to get your good vibes wherever you can find them.

Yesterday, Claudia suggested that I might not be able to keep faithful to Sigil. Oh, how right she is to question my fidelty. In fact, not only have I been a completely promiscuous knitter, I'm cheating on Sigil with the ultimate in flashy furry and divine: Colinette's Silky Chic (gifted to me a little while back by Emma, my fibery fairy godmother)

Guilty Pleasures: Silky Chic Scarf

Yes, it's a garter stitch scarf. Really, it could be any stitch and you couldn't really tell. One of the beauties of eyelash yarn is the hiding of all mistakes. But when it comes to eyelash yarns, this is probably the ultimate. The only yarn that rivals Silky Chic for softness is Muench Touch Me. It truly is a wonderful tactile experience.

It's working up into a scarf that I can't wait to have, but it would also make over the top wonderful collar and cuffs for a sweater that was meant to have a little flash without being crazy. Silky Chic may be flashy, but it doesn't cross the border into flashy trashy. And you can't beat the yardage: there's 204 meters on one skein. So far I've got almost 4 foot of scarf and I've still got quite a bit f yarn left.

Silky Chic Texture

When you see this yarn up close, it makes you wonder how many muppets were injured to create such wonderful stuff. Knit at the right density, you get a thick lush fabric that begs to be put close to your skin.

About the only thing I can say about this yarn that is not positive is that it emphatically does not like to be ripped. I know this from experience. I started out knitting a much wider scarf, but decided that I would rather have something longer and narrower. The ripping was downright painful because those little tendrils really like to bond with each other.

And since I am flat out of other good images, I will close this entry with a cat picture. Apparently Sydney has discovered that there's much comfort to be found in my favorite Longaberger basket.

Feline Ingenuity

And yes, in a further demonstration that I am not a nice cat mommy, soon after snapping this picture, I chased him out of the basket and sent him on his way. I like my cats, but somethings aren't meant to be shared!

Seeing your kitty in the post reminded me of my own cat, Alex--also buff-colored--who has been living with my parents for the last few years...When I was an undergraduate, he used to climb into my closet where all my (then storebought) sweaters were kept...bad for the sweaters, but so cute!

Three? I'd be comatose (i'm such a cheap date).

Muppets. :-)

Me too! Three! Margaritas!? Wow, I have a whole new respect for you now. ;-)

The basket is the perfect size for a nice kitty bed especially when there is nice warm yummy yarn inside it. Sydney is just trying to tell you that you need another Longaberger picnic basket - one for you and one for him. After all, yo can never have enough Longaberger baskets or so I am told. (But I have 2 regular picnic baskets like your and one family size from the collector's club.)

Oooo, Frontera Grill. Wes and I always said they must put something in the margaritas to make the food seem like it was the best food on Earth. Ahhh...memories.

hmmm - looks like at least 4 of those small, background muppets were skinned for the scarf. :)

Wow, a cat picture. Of all the time I've been reading your blog, I do believe this is one of the first times I've seen a cat picture. Shocking.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. If you're going to cheat on Sigil, do it with a muppet scarf.

i love the fluffy scarves. but, i agree with you, they are a@#$%#@# to tear out. i once threw a skein of $15 yarn away because i could not get it to tear out.

ps, just whar does a computational biologist do?


gotta love longanberger! my boyfriend's mom collects thse baskets, and she even visited the factory (basket shaped building!). i think they are fantiastic. we saw a show on the discovery channel where john ratzenberger (remember cliff on cheers?) toured the factory and showed how the baskets were made. totally cool!

Injured muppets? I got a GOOD giggle outa that one!

The Longaberger Factory is COOL! I've been there twice and wove my own basket..... too many baskets? Never! I lost count somewhere around 40........

Man, I love Frontera Grill... and I miss it. (Used to live in IL and get to Chicago often - now I live in Houston). Their margaritas are the best...

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