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Creative Container


I would like to be able to say that I was so busy doing creative things that I didn't have time to post. The truth, of course, is that I have been so busy doing un-creative work-related things that I didn't have time to post.

Fortunately, my entirely creative father has provided me with something wonderful to share while I try to find some spare time to click my needles together again.

What Could This Be?

Very pretty, don't you think? And very functional and handy.

Glorious Hand-Turned Yarn Tool Holder

This lovely bit of functional woody art resulted from a discussion I had with my Dad when he and my Mom last came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping he could make me another hand-turned knitting needle container. Little did I know what coolness would result from the request. It holds a myriad of knitting needles and crochet hooks in an easily accessible way. The biggest holes can actually take on US size 15s! In this picture, it's holding almost my entire straight needle collection (minus some of the jinormous needles I have) and there is still room for a bit more.

And what did I do when I saw this wonderful thing? I immediately asked if he could help me find an easily accessible way to deal with my double pointed needle sets. I have high hopes for another creating and stunningly beautiful solution.

Thanks, Dad!

omg that is beautiful! what talent!

That is amazing! What a clever idea, and beautiful implementation!

Wow!!!! That is gorgeous!! There are going a lot of jealous knitters out there! :) What a great dad you have!

Very lovely! And a very talented dad you have!

You are a lucky knitter to have such a thoughtful and creative dad like yours. The needle holder is beautiful - I think you both are onto something! (hint, hint $$). I notice a gentle arcing shape to the top that makes the needles show in a slight "spray"- cool!!

WOW is all I can say!
I think I speak for all of us in saying I want one!
Do you worry about dulling the tips of the needles or do they not touch the bottom of the container. I have some in a beautiful jar, but I put some wool in the bottom to cushion them.
knit on, latifa

Wow!! Tell your dad it is time to package them up, put a hefty price tag on them, and sell them through your blog (Just tell me when so I can buy one, too!!!)

That is *gorgeous* !!!

Wow. So beautiful! What kind of wood did he use? Definitely let us know when he starts retailing them! :)

Very nice! I'll be interested to see what you Dad comes up with for the circulars!

Wow, that is amazingly wonderful. I wish my Dad did stuff like that. His favorite hobby is balancing the check book. You're a lucky daughter.

Your dad is an amazing man! How cool!

It's so great to have a handy dad, isn't it?

Wow, that's beautiful. Your Dad's got talent!!

WOW! Your Dad is incredible! Every wooden item that I see that he has made for you has been so beautiful. But this one is just the coolest thing! Can't wait to see what he comes up with the for the dp's.

Sorry that work has you so swamped!

You have one of the coolest dads ever, just for that. Very cool!

You lucky duck! That is a fantastic needle holder - if he ever thinks of going commercial with those, let me know. (Does he have any creative ideas for circs? :) ).

Wow..now I want to take up wood turning. I know at the local art fair here in Madison, Wisconsin wood items like that fetch a very hefty price. Has he though of exhibiting at an art fair?

OMG! your dad so super cool! What an awesome needle holder!

I immediately thought that many knitters would like to purchase something when I saw his beautiful workmanship.

from the posts, it looks like i was right.

daddy needs to put a price tag on these babies and make him some dough.

Wow, your dad totally rocks! I would be so on board to buy a few of those. If he didn't want to make a truckload to sell, maybe we can talk him into a few to auction for charity or something.

Oh my gosh! Ditto, ditto, and ditto. You will let him know of this amazing response, yes?

My dad usually reads the blog, so he will definitely get to see all the positive feedback. But I will definitely remind him to take a look.

oh wow! i love it. you have the best dad!

Amazing! Beautiful! Never seen anything like it! xoxo Kay

That is BEAUTIFUL! He could sell those, I would buy one!

It's beautiful. And needles make for a great home decor accent. What a talented daddy!

Wow! Your father is so talented! It must run in the family.

I think your father has a base for a new business! I love, love that!!

Wow!! It sure beats my Pringles cans that hold my straight needle collection. {g} What a wonderful gift.. Your father is extremely talented.

Wow! That is so cool - and beautiful!

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