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Over the weekend, we spent a lot of time with John's family celebrating the Easter holiday. This meant a lot of time in the car driving to various places and a good deal of time sitting comfortably waiting for the wonderful food to be prepared. It also meant that I had time to knit on my current take along project.

Metalic Fusilli

This ruffly scarf, which reminds me of metalic Fusilli pasta, even unfinished, got a fair amount of attention while I worked on it. I realized that it's very hard to explain short rows when I don't speak much Polish and the person asking how it's done doesn't speak much English. Anyone out there know of a guide to knitting terms in Polish?

I don't know any Polish knitting terms, but this woman might:


When a project gets a bunch of attention before its even finished, you know people will want to buy it off your neck. Fusilli looks lovely in metalic.

Yes, Margaret over at Organic Knitter would be happy to help you :)

Mmmm, pasta :D Could I join the Audrey KAL if it's still open please?

Mmmm, fusilli is cute! And delicious. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with the fusilli Jerry that Kramer created...

every time i see this scarf being made i remember again, i want that scarf book and i want to make this scarf too. haven't ever seen one in real life yet.

I don't speak Polish, but my grandmother, who lives with me, does. I shall have to ask her. It's been years since she's spoken regularly, but the things she manages to dredge out of her memory are sometimes amazing.


i'm from Brasil and i'd like to know( if possible) how to do this scarf.It's beautiful.Would you mind sending this to me, please

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