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If I Lead With A Cat Picture...


...then I must not have too much knitting to talk about. It's always hard for me to get much knitting in on "date night". John and I met on a Wednesday and since then, with only a few exceptions for business trips, we always have a date on Wednesday. Tonight we made our second trip to a great new restaurant north of us on Damen, Hot Chocolate. As the name implies, they emphasize dessert and chocolate beverages. But they also have quite a lovely selection of dinner options and cheeses as well -- I had a pork chop, polenta and mushroom frickasee that was just to die for.

But only managed to get in a few more rows on the Ruffly Fusilli scarf. So I'll open and close with a the funniest thing I saw this evening.

Beezle in a Basket

It doesn't seem that funny until you realize just how small this basket is. The Beeze has tucked himself into a basket less than 12" long and 6" wide -- a pretty impressive feat for a twelve pound fur ball. This is the same basket that I showed off that lovely Shetland wool in last week. Definitely not a large space! Sometimes it's truly amazing what he will squeeze himself into.

silly ol' Beezle! very cute! and, btw, I think your Wednesday date night is the sweetest tradition for you two to maintain--just lovely.

Great kitty-in-a-basket shot! It's amazing what they can cram themselves into!

I'm a huge sucker for cute cat pictures.

Too funny and too cute! Though, I must say, he seems to look a little embarrassed to have been caught in the basket. :)

Oh!! Your Beezle looks just like my Cosmo (who has also been known to stuff himself into impossibly small boxes, etc.). He's adorable (your Beezle that is...)!!

Hil-arious! Awesome picture, although Beezle looks a bit uncomfortable. But if he's like my cat, it's not about comfort but the accomplishment. (Yes, Dil is a tiny kitten in a big cat's body - 21 lbs of fur! Eep.)

My cat does that too! She's 18 pounds of fluff, and manages to squeeze herself into the craziest places, leaving a nice ring of grey cat hair around the container. Lovely! Cats must like being stuffed in small places :-)

Lol! Beeze cracks me up!

His expression looks like he's suddenly realized how small the basket is... I love it!

That is, indeed, adorable! my 16-lb fluffball also does that - but she is a fair colored cat and really seeks out the dark colored areas to squeeze into. When she gets the look on her face that Beezle has there, my husband says she's concentrating on shedding hairs... like pushing them out. OK so both my husband and cat are crazy... what does that make me?

Good to know my cat isn't the only one who insists she fits in tiny baskets! *laughing* Cute kitty.

Cute Beezle! Could he be yearnin for you to make him a nice kitty bed? :)

That's such a great tradition you two have. I'm lucky to get one date night a month. Kitty sure looks snug and comfy :)

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