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Metalic Ruffles


This night's productivity was officially decimated as a result of the presence of Civilization III on my computer. Want to kill a lot of time with nothing to show for it? Civ III is definitely the way to go! It's been on my laptop for quite sometime, but I "remembered" it over the weekend and now it's been soaking up many of my free minutes.

In an effort to combat teeny tiny needle issues brought on by my Phil Eponge top, I decided to start one last scarf: Ruffles from everyone's favorite knitted scarf book. There's nothing new here that hasn't shown up on a 100 other blogs and a knit-a-long based on the same book, but I thought the scarf might look lovely and interesting when made out of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Pewter. This yarn, given its silk content has a very metallic quality to it. My hope is that the final scarf will also have a bit of a metalic sheen and, thus, a little more urban feel.

Lorna's Ruffles

I'm not too far along, but I'm enjoying the short-rowing and practicing a little bit of knitting backwards so that I can avoid turning the scarf all over the place.

In completely unrelated news, one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Claudia, has moved her blog home to a new location. If you haven't peeked in on her world before, you're in for a treat! She spins, she knits, she loves orange and she's got a very excellent sense of humor! If you have, be sure and drop by and welcome her into her new space. Happy New Web Home, Claudia!

I love that game! So many hours of undergrad were spent playing that game. My roommate actually turned blue playing one time... he was sitting near an open window in his running shorts, and after about 16 hours got pretty cold.

I'm going to try a Ruffles I saw at my LYS this weekend. it was knit in Kidsilk Haze as the main color and had a slubby handpainted silk carried along over the one outside (long) edge stitch. Yours looks very fun and shiney.

Aw shucks. ;-)

I get more comments on my Ruffles scarf than anything else I've ever made. Be prepared for people to try to snatch that off your neck.

BTW, I've got Civilization II and its the ONLY game that I've ever been interested in for any length of time. If it can get a non-gamer, you know its good.

Oh - I was addicted to the original Civ, and also to Civ II. My husband got me Civ III for Christmas and I have been afraid to install it, because I know that I will get lost in this verson too, and end up staying up nights playing non-stop like I did with the previous two versions.

Maybe this weekend, once I get that afghan finished, I'll get the courage to install it. Hmm...

My DH has been spending his weekends debugging a couple of scenarios in Civ III. He has history books all over the couch, and late the other night he woke me up to come see a photo of a destroyer he'd found on the internet, "Isn't she beautiful?!" I love it when he makes the sounds for all the planes and missiles...

Ruffles scarf next, definitely. I really like it in pewter!

Another Civ III addict here. I wasted many an hour in college and grad school trying to take over the world through cultural advancements. (My success was limited.) I've resisted re-installing it on my computer, but now you've got me thinking about it again....
Also contemplating a Ruffles scarf here, since I need another scarf like I need to play more Civ III. :)

I've always wanted to try Civilization. I'm big on Command and Conquer, which is the same sort of thing from what I understand. The ruffles look great, very cool in that pewter.

I'll be honest. A little part of me cringed when I saw your title today. "Metallic ruffles." *cringe* See, there it goes again!

But the "metallic" that my mind's eye immediately conjured up is nothing like the lovely colour of the Lorna's Laces. The scarf will be lovely.

I agree with Claudia--the Ruffles scarf gets lots of comments. L&L pewter seems a great choice for softness and lustre! Can't wait to see the finished scarf.

The Civilization games aren't a complete waste of time. When I was on the trivia team in high school, I could always answer the questions about which historic cities were in which countries. :)

That Lorna's Laces color is fantastic. Great, something else I'll have to buy ...

I am addicted to that game as well. It's great to have knitting at hand while you are playing, especially when you get to the later years in the game when you have to wait FORever for it to come back around to being your turn.

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