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Not Much to Show for Myself

Kidsilk Haze Scarf

Somethings definitely show up better on a dark background. I know this is a little bit of a cheat, since I showed the lace pattern yesterday, but I wanted to capture the completed project for posterity. The scarf turned out to be about 3 foot long and 6" wide -- just perfect for one trip around the neck.

are you kidding? With a nice looking FO, it would be a crime to not capture it properly for future prospoerity!

Well, you've got more to show than I do.

Echoing claudia: that's better than I'm doing this week. :)

Lovely scarf - Kid Silk Haze is a glorious yarn! I still have 3 balls in my stash to make "Birch Shawl" from last years Rowan Mag. Oh I wish I had more time to knit. You are so productive, your projects are great! Your blog is really inspiring. I enjoy the way you detail projects when you are finished and point out the things you have learned and the pitfalls and the glories etc. I find this really helpful.

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