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Can You Guess?

Mystery Box

What this box of goodies is all about?

Oooh, I recognize the catalog.

And is your name written on the carton? The last box I got from them said "MaryB" on the side -- I just loved how personalized that seemed!

Enjoy! (Wear gloves....)

I'm guessing that someone is going to do some dyeing! Can't wait to see the results!

Dye, baby, dye.

Oh, there'll be a dyeing party at Theresa's house! Whoo hoo - can't wait to see the lovely results.

There must be something in the air....

Hehehe.. dye baby dye!heheheh looks like you are planning to have some fun!

Ooh - a dye party!

I'm dye-ing to know (I'm so very sorry)!

Looks like it's going to be a big weekend and we won't have to ask "Who Dyed?"

Looks like a box of centrifuge tubes to me....

Oh boy! You'll have to tell us where you got all the goodies!

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