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Good Deeds


I know, I know -- two posts in a day, how unusual for the Keyboard Biologist. But this one's important. If you only read one today, make sure this is the one.

When I first got into blogging (my three year blog-iversary is almost here, if you consider my first very lame post an entry) and got myself situated in the ring, I was incredibly fortunate to land right next to Emma. She emailed me to introduce herself as my blog neighbor and as I did more and more knitting, she was always leaving a note of encouragement to spur me on to try new things and feel good about what I had accomplished. If you travelled around the ring enough, you realized that she was doing that for many more people than me. There is almost nothing more precious to receive than the gift of someone's time. And Emma has always been generous to me and to many others with her time and her inspirational good wishes.

She also has been known, for numerous random acts of kindness, long before there was a blog ring to support the activity. I will never forget the thrill of opening up a package from Emma that contained two skeins of wonderful Opal sock yarn to encourage me to not be afraid of socks. What kind of person sends gifts to someone she has never met just to be kind and encouraging? Even my husband was touched. And he got a great pair of socks out of it!

Emma and her beautiful son Oliver are facing the challenge of finding him the right equipment as he grows and strives to become more independent and mobile. I consider Emma to be an important part of my community and life and I'd like to encourage you, if you have the means, to consider helping this lovely and generous knitter and friend. Just click the button below or in my side bar.

For a better button, swipe the new one off my sidebar, made by Jean of Scottish Lamb, and substitute it for the Paypal image.

Thank you for the info and the site link. I hope that we can make a difference for her and her child. You are kind to raise awareness of this situation.

Thanks for bring this to our attention. I had a handicapped sister ( who died quite young) but even as a child I realised that my parents were having a hard time coping with the finacial side of things. To make things worse all her specialist treatment had to be obtained "off island" so even though the trips were paid for by the hospital, as my dad was self employed all the time off he had to take off to take her across was of course lost income. I have added a link on my blog to your post which explains things far better than I could. I hope we can all make a difference.

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