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The Plot Thickens

Mystery Box with Friend

My mystery box got a new friend today, courtesy of the very nice people at Copper Moose The plot thickens...

P.S. The kindness of the community has helped Emma and Oliver with the first of the items he needs to stay in motion. Read all about the progress here. I am always impressed by the generosity of this crafty community.

Hey, a friend and I were drooling over the pictures you took of Michigan Fiber Festival last year this morning. So, thanks for putting those up. :) We're heading out there tomorrow for much animal looking at.

Copper Moose is an exhibitor at Vermont Sheep and Wool on Oct 1-2, and I can't wait, seeing that luscious stuff you're about to dye (because, duh, that's a lotta plastic bottles you had there...what else would you be doing). This is going to be fun to watch :-)

That's a whole lotta white.

Just remember to wear gloves and dust mask when working with dye powder, okay???

I love Copper Moose. They simply couldn't be nicer.

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