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Watch for Slow Moving Rainbows

BFL Rainbow Scarf

I think I've probably given the impression lately that almost no knitting is going on chez Keyboard Biologist right now. And this impression is actually closer to the truth than I would like it to be. Between the addition of spinning to my daily craft regimen and increased activity in my social life, I've not been terribly productive on the two pointy sticks and string front.

When I have been knitting, I've been working on the rainbow striped Pearl Barred Scallop scarf. It's growing slowly. It's surprising me a great deal just how much scarf I can get out of 1 ounce or so of finely spun yarn. When it's blocked out, each of those ridges is about 2" apart, so this could turn out to be a scarf with some real length to it. I really like the fact that so far the striping intervals are irregular enough that not much regular correlation with patterning featurs is occuring, which I think helps give it a more sophisticated look... assuming a bright rainbow patterned scarf can be considered sophisticated (I know it can never hope to be subtle!)

I do find myself increasingly enjoying working with my own handspun. The hard part now for me seems to be getting enough handspun to work with on a regular basis.

Very undulating.


That scarf surely will brighten up some wintry Chicago morning.

Simply gorgeous. You must get that wheel in working condition!

wow, that's turning out lovely! And in the throes of winter, all that color is going to be so welcome!

Your scarf is looking sooo lovely! It'll be a wonderful pick-me-up accessories during the dull gray winter days that will be around the corner before we know it.

Your scarf is looking so pretty. :)

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