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Entrelac in Macro Mode

Just a quick post... on a busy night. The entrelac section of my first Fiber Fish mitten. A surprisingly easy technique to generate such an interesting effect. My only thought: the colors stretches in the Trekking (at least this colorway) are a little too long to show off the individual panels of entrelac as well as I would like, but still a very cool looking fish body, I think!

I enjoyed entrelac a whole lot more once I started 'knitting back backwards' and stopped turning the work every 6 stitches. I suspect you'd enjoy it, too.

There might be directions with photos on the internet somewhere. Or, just start a stitch with the work turned, then turn it back to see how it looks from the front and how to insert the needle.

Stunning - entrelac has always intimidate me somewhat (no idea why) but I might give it a go having seen this.

Your mittens are awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product!

I'm enjoying the entrelac process, too - though I'm using Wildfoote sock yarn for my Fiber Fish, so I'm getting tons of color change in each mitered square and entrelac rectangle.
Entrelac is turning out to be easier than I thought it would be - reading the directions for it always made it seemed vastly complicated, but the actual execution is surprisingly simple. I think this pattern is an ideal way to try it out - love the fishy mitts!
Can't wait to see your finished fish. I may have to start a blog myself, just to show off mine...

Trekking never seems to do the same thing twice. You pays yer money and ye takes yer chances...

If anyone making a pair of Fishy mittens wants to show them off, you can send me the image and I'll post it on my blog. I've done it so far for everyone who as sent me a picture.
I'll have to start a gallery...

Whoa! THAT's what the macro button is for! That's a much different "look" than the preview we got yesterday. I like the fishies, looking forward to their progress...

I "discovered" entrelac about a year ago when I got my first Noro yarns and tried to find a texture to go with the yarn. Somewhat tedious to knit, but I love the effect.

Gorgeous fish body! I like the way the Trekking is knitting up with entrelac.

I like that fish. It's a very interesting effect.

Cute! I haven't entrelac-ed with Trekking yet, but I like how yours looks. If you wanted to show off the individual panels more, you could always knit from two different-but-complementary colorways of the same yarn, changing at the beginning of each new row of blocks, but I think this looks nice as-is.

Gorgeous! I've done entrelac but to make pillows so no shaping. If the instructions aren't written out for me row by row, I have a fear of messing up. I can't imagine shaping entrelac.

The fishy is looking gorgeous! Those will be some stunning mittens!

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