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Swimming Upstream

Ready to Take on the Thumb Gussett

This weekend I got back to my Fiber Fish mittens for the first time in a while and completed the main body of the mitten. I ended up adding another section of entrelac (this is because I'm doing the small mitten, which I think is meant to be mostly child-sized, and while wide enough for my hand is not really long enough) and then completed the head of the fish. As it turns out, I like this a lot better than just knitting extra rows after the last round of entrelac specified by the pattern for this size because it meant that I got that extra nice blue area in the body of the fish and got a bit more color in the head area.

The next step in the process is to pick up stitches for the thumb gusset -- the thumb creates the top "dorsal" fin for the fish and is the last major part of the mitten before I get to think about weaving in all those ends.

Even with the slow pace I am knitting up these mittens at, with all the cold and snow hitting Chicago lately, I'm beginning to think I might actually get to wear these mittens this year!

I love this pattern and the colors! I can only dream of one day being able to knit something like this... in the meantime I'm still just making scarf after scarf :)

What great mittens, I have a friend who is really into fish. I would like to make her a pair of these. Could you tell me where the pattern can be found? Thanks

The color placement is turning out great, and I don't think Chicago's weather is going to let you down.

I've got one mitten done - except for sewing in the fin. I'm thinking it might be better to block first, then sew, since I don't know how entrelac behaves when blocked. I have small hands with short stubby fingers, and the daughter I'm knitting these for has smaller-yet hands, so the small size as written is perfect for us.
I had better luck with the gusset by sliding a needle through the loops where I would be picking up a stitch (one needle on each side of the gusset), then knitting them off one-by-one as I needed to "pick up" a stitch. That's probably a terribly unclear explanation, and no help at all...
I've got mitten #2 almost to the ribbing. The recipient was home from college for the weekend & heartily approved the design. And the good news is that the mittens fit really well and are comfy. I've come across way too many "cute" designs that turn out not to be practical, so I'm doubly pleased with this pattern.
I love the colors in yours. Can't wait to see them when you're finished!
I may have to make myself a pair after I finish these...

I love the mittens! Where did you get the pattern? I would love to try knitting these also.

Those are such great mittens - definitely on my to-do list!

I love the Entrelac pattern and what a cleaver way to show off the variegated yarn.

Gorgeous mitten! Would you mind postng where the pattern is available?

This is really cracking me up. I think its the shape. :)

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