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Dad's First Three Ply


While I've been busy working on log cabins squares and my quilting project, my Dad's been busy working on his spinning technique. Dad's mostly been working with undyed fibers and has played with blue faced leceister and corriedale. When he visited me a couple of weekends ago we headed up to see Toni Neil at the Fold so that he could talk about some of his current woodworking projects and get some advice about tools that spinners and knitters like to use. While we were there, he also got a chance to try out a couple of spinning wheels and got a few pointers from Toni on technique.

Just like me when I started spinning, Dad is working on trying to create consistent singles. And every batch of fiber he spins just gets more and more consistent. Since he wants to play with his own lazy kate design, he's been trying out plying. And his results are really beaultiful.

Worsted-to-Bulky Three Ply

I haven't seen the yarn in person, but you can just tell from the picture that that natural colored yarn is just beautiful and squishable. One thing that makes my spinning very different from my Dad's efforts is that his singles tend to be wider in diameter than mine are, so he ends up with very different final yarns. I can't wait to see this yarn in person. And I can think of a number of projects that would be lovely for the yarn.

The blue singles are on bobbins that Dad made himself for his Ashford Traditional wheel. Lately Dad's been experimenting with bobbin construction and balance and he's been happy with the results. Nothing like getting a woodworking engineer guy involved with spinning! I'm always looking foward to seeing where he's going to go next.

Yes, that yarn does look soft and squishable. I love both the color of the natural and that gorgeous blue.

It's so cool that your Dad spins. I take it he gives the yarn to you to knit?

You have an amazing dad.

Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful yarn! I just want to squeeze it and cuddle it, in that yarny way! Very impressive! Kudos to your dad!!

What happens next? A custom spinning wheel perhaps? Beautiful yarn, by the way.

The 3 ply is great. I tried to make some 3 ply yarn a couple of weeks ago. You'll notice I never did share that with the blog. Heh.

Your dad is just amazing!

I foresee some hand made with love knitting tools in your future.

I for one can't WAIT until your dad starts his own line of spinning supplies! (When's the first wheel prototype coming?)

Your dad's yarn looks wonderful...indeed quite different between father and daughter.

As to the yarn... I would love to be able to knit with it. But my Dad knits now, too! And if he doesn't want to knit with it, I think my mom has dibbs.

As to knitting and spinning tools.... Dad is doing a little designing and I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it as we go along. Probably the custom spinning wheels are a ways off, though!

wow, that's very cool that your dad spins. kind of old-worldy of him. :)

Your dad is sooo cool. I still want him to adopt me.

BTW, your quilting is inspiring, too. You and your dad are both explorers.

What fun. The yarn looks great, and I'm intrigued to see his woodworking projects!

Delurking to say, your dad is amazing! The yarn is lovely, and those bobbins are wonderful - I'm wishing for some for my Lendrum!

How great your dad is picking up spinning! Reminds me of stuff my dad used to do. :) I just love it when men get crafty!

I'm looking forward to seeing it too!

Your Dad's yarn is beautiful. I just want to pet and cuddle the white yarn.

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