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Regia Silk Socks Finished

Completed Regia Silk 190 Socks

No baby stuff today, because I suspect these socks will be much too large for her, at least for the next 15 or so years. But here they are, my completed pair of socks from Regia Silk, in colorway 190.

These socks are my standard operation: ribbed cuff, short row heel, wedge toe. I did start them toe up so that I could maximize the yarn. But other than that, there's no innovation. They are just a simple pair of striped socks.

A Little Sun for the Silk Socks

As far as the yarn is concerned, this yarn definitely felt nice to the touch and moved fairly smoothly over my wood needles. My biggest complaint with it is that it tends to be a bit splitty, and the pointy tips of the double points I was using often would slip between plies if I wasn't paying attention. But this is relatively minor, and certainly not a reason to avoid treating yourself to a little silk for your feet.

On the wear test angle (I wore them for most of the day after I took the pictures, but without shoes, because I didn't really leave the house), they looked fine after a day of light wear. However, one thing I did notice, perhaps because they are longer in the leg than my standard socks, is that they tend to want to slouch just a bit, compared to regular Regia wool/nylon sock yarn. I suspect this may be because of the silk content. Silk is not elastic and there's about the same amount of nylon as in regular Regia sock yarn. So non-elastic fibers make up about 45% of the total fiber content of the yarn. So if you're going to use this yarn, keep that in mind. This yarn might be better for patterns like slipped stitch patterns where the structure of the fabric helps to keep the shape of the garment. Or you might want to use a few less stitches around than you normally use, knowing that this stuff definitely will stretch a bit.

I'm hoping tomorrow it will be cold enough for me to give them a proper "with shoes" wear test, and so I can get a sense about how warm they really are.

Now I better get back to my quilt... I still have a whole bunch of 9 patches that need my attention!

I have used Regia Silk for two pairs of socks for my self, Eunny's bayerische and Tiit's socks, with colourwork on the foot and a plain ribbed leg. The ribbing of Tiits do slouch, but the colourwork is firm enough to keep that part up and firm on the foot. Bayrische are worked with twisted cables and stay up in a perfect way. My main complain is that the yarn gets fuzzy, creats nupps (I don't know the exact English word for this but perhaps you realize what I think about), after washing. It's fairly easy to get them away, but still. Other Regia sock yarns don't do this.

Oh, I love the silk socks. What a great way to treat your feet. I do a plain sock pattern myself. Whenever I stretch out with a design knitted into my socks, I'm not quite as happy. I guess simple makes me happy =) Anyway, I love 'em.

Thanks for the heads up! I have some Regia Silk in the stash and was waffling between a wrap and socks... sounds like the wrap may be a better option :) Yours are lovely in any case!

I have made a pair too and I love them. For me, the slight fuzzing I get with wear only enhances the feel of the silk. If I could afford it, all of my socks would be made from this - it has spoiled me for regular wool socks. They are definately the first pair I pull on when I need some comfort.

Do you have any suggestions for a yarn for socks with some angora in it? Yesterday, the husband of the barn owner where we board our pony mentioned that he wanted to give Bobbi a pair of Angora socks but they were too pricey. Bobbi is out in the barn most of the day and in the winter it can be pretty cold in Western NY. Thanks for any suggestions.

They look beautiful!

From a lurker who's been on vacation this week, beautiful socks, beautiful quilt, and most importantly, beautiful baby! Congradulations to you and your husband!

Those are really pretty, I like the colors. Splitty sock yarn kind of drives me nutso, but you're right that it isn't worth giving up on them for.

What a nice treat for your feet, silk - yum!! I have some in my stash but alas havent gotten that far. Your pictures are definately motivating me now.

Nice socks, I was contemplating some Regia Silk at the weekend but didn't indulge this time, I'll keep your comments in mind when I do :)

Nice to see this post, as I just bought some Regia silk yarn. I did not know what it looked like knit up. Pretty!

Classicly good socks.

Very nice socks. I keep meaning to try that yarn but guilt compels me to stash bust a bit more before trying a new yarn. (sheepish grin)

Now I only have two words for you: BUMP PICTURE. We must see what you look like preggie. :-)

I have knit 2 pairs of socks with Regia Silk and love the way they wash and wear...extremely comfortable.
I hate to break it to you but it won't be 15 years before lil' biologist wears those socks, maybe 9 years tops...they grow so fast!

Thanks for the tip on the Regia Silk. I just ordered some to make a pair of socks from the latest Knitty. I'll be sure to pay extra attention to the elasticity and fit issue.

I have 2 balls of that yarn too and I haven't tried it yet. Yours look great!

Congrats on the baby!!!

Wow, miss a few days of the blog and you miss all the big news! Congrats to you!

The socks are lovely, its always nice to pop in and get your more analytical take on different fibers. I have been lurking for a couple of years, but I'm compelled to delurk to extend congratulations to you on your pregnancy.
Keep up the machine crafts now; it IS possible, in fact pretty easy, to knit while nursing once you get the hang of the newer skill--you can't sew while nursing though (you can guess how I know).

Best of luck to the three of you, it is a marvelous journey.

Ah Theresa...every time I check in here to see what's up, I'm hoping to read happy news on the baby front. And now I am. I'm so very glad for you.

gorgeous socks!

As for when Z might wear those socks -- my DD outgrew my shoes last year at age 11. And BTW -- congratulations!!

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