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Square Nine

A 9 Patch of Knitted Log Cabin Squares

All nine squares completed and the baby is still about a month away. Only the seaming and edging remains. I'm thinking that to seam them together, I will probably try to use a crochet seaming method. I think it will create a nice look on the wrong side of the blanket. I still haven't decided, however, how I will decide what color to use for the seaming. Since no two edges will ever be the same color (the layout above is pretty much the same as the layout I will be seaming together) I'm ultimately probably just going to have to decide to always use the darker color or always use the lighter color or maybe even to use the color that's not represented. I'm also tempted just to use one color throughout and call it a "design element" since the crochet chains will be visible on the wrong side.

For the edging, I'm toying with the idea of just using a nice single crochet. It will be simple and strong. I like single crochet edgings because they almost look like a bound edge and the firmness of crochet tends to hold knitted structures together well. Also, since I know the baby to be is of the masculine persuasion, I don't want anything too frilly -- and, to be honest, I'm not sure I have the patience for 144 inches of applied I-cord.

The squares are wonderful. Each of your proposed options for seaming and edging sound interesting. I can't wait to see what you choose.

Beautiful squares, and the colours goes so nice together. I'm looking forward to see how you decide on edging colours!

The crochet joining would add a nice textural element to it, too, which the little one could fiddle with at will. :)

It's a wonderful gift and I'm sure it will be treasured for years to come.

Oh, they look so nice together! I'm really interested to see how you decide to join them & edge them. I've only got three of my squares done (the blanket I'm working on will be a similar size to yours, but I'm going with "stripes" of each square-style) and I'm already worrying about how I'll go about joining them.

What a lovely blanket!

I did a two-tone blanket ages ago as a wedding gift, and used a third darker tone for all the edges and seaming. Turned out great, but then, all the colors were shades of blue:


I like the idea of using the unused color for the seaming - it will add a nice contrast.

I would use the lighter color throughout, because each time I think about using a contrast color my brain keeps telling me how fiddly it would be changing colors every half square or so.

That said, each option will look good. Some will just be more work than others.

Just the thought of 144 inches of applied i-cord makes me shudder. I've done long stretches of it... I will only do it again if it is so clearly the _right_ edging that none other will do. I love the result, but man....
Go for crochet.

The blanket looks terrific! I used whipstitch and LOVED my seams. Loved them!

That is just beautiful!!

It looks great! I have to say I did think the idea of a fourth color popped into my head as a fun element for the seaming. It's going to be beautiful!

Now, I'm sure you'll get lots of advice on this but you might want to introduce a 4th color for the seaming and the edge....since it's going to be a boy baby, you could go very Amish and do use black or a darker version of one of the colors you've already got. Since it's going to show, make it a "design element" -- which is what I usually call my mistakes!

It will be a well-loved blanket....

I'd go with a darker, complementary color. That way, the seaming acts as a visually binding element but does not compete with the squares since the darker colors tend to recede.

Really enjoy this color combo!

i was sorta thinking if you had to choose one or the other, go darker, as darker colors are slimming and maybe wouldn't make the dark squares look much bigger. or, do that nice green all over, including your crochet edging, as it's in the middle darkness-wise. no way i could deal with that much i-cord...

then again, i'm not a 'big project' person :) either way, looks great.

I'm not entirely sure I'd put applied I cord on garter stitch in any event. I'd worry about incompatible stretch.

144 inches of applied I cord?? JUST SAY NO. I love the idea of the single crochet edge. If, as is likely to happen, this turns out to be a beloved "bankie" for the recipient, the crochet edge will keep everything together and sturdy for years to come.

I personally have a weakness for a dark outline for my squares. I'd be tempted to use the dark purple color for the edging, throughout. I think having the dark color around the lighter squares will balance the strength of the three dark-edged squares running diagonally across. I think it will really make it look "finished". Just MHO. :-) It will be gorgeous in any case.

I love the idea of using the "unrepresented" color for each seam. The blanket is going to be beautiful no matter what you decide.

I'll also throw in for the unrepresented color. It will look great no matter how you do it.... I'm excited to see it all done up :)

It looks great! I agree with the idea of using a 4th color for contrast - maybe a darker color to make the squares stand out. At any rate, it's going to be a very nice blanket :)

Wow, great work! Now I'm thinking I would like make one too. Maybe for the sofa? hmm...
Thanks for the inspiration!

Wow, great work! Now I'm thinking I would like make one too. Maybe for the sofa? hmm...
Thanks for the inspiration!

It's the seaming that has kept me from making one of these. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish yours. I like the idea of seaming with the "unrepresented" color, but I'm sure I couldn't face all of those yarn changes.

I used a "reverse single crochet" to edge a sweater once, and liked it very much. I think it's also called "crab stitch."

Please, when you finish this beauty, will you show us both sides?

The squares look gorgeous put together like that. I'm eager to see how you put it all together. I don't blame you for not wanting to do 144 inches of i-cord though. Yow!

I like the idea of a contrasting color for a crochet seam and edge. Something bright to lighten it a bit, maybe?

I've missed where the pattern for your blanket is. How many stitches are in the center squares?

My first instinct is to seam them with the same color you'll use for the edging. If multiple colors will be a part of the edging I'd seam with the inner-most edging color. I can't wait to see what you decide though. It'll be fantastic, I'm sure!

more colours = more ends That's not just a pain to weave in, they may tend to work out under a child's loving embrace. Whatever colour you choose will be beautiful. After all, you chose these and they are gorgeous.

The blanket is beautiful, and count me as another vote for using the darker color for the seams. I'm knitting squares for a blanket right now, but I've never crocheted edges together before and have been nervous about figuring that part out. I'm anxious to see how yours looks once you've done the crochet.

I think of the crocheted seam as sashing -- because you're really making a quilt here. :) If it were me, I would use the purple (or, if I could find JUST the right one, a darker shade of green) for all the sashing and the edging. The darker color gives the eye a place to stop at the edge, and using the same color throughout adds cohesiveness.

But it's not me, and there are no quilt police, so do what you want. The baby will enjoy it regardless. :) What yarn did you use?

(Your Serenity top is lovely, too, BTW.)

Sister, I am so with you on the i-cord. If you haven't been to my blog, take a quick peek at my banner to figure out why. Hehehe.

Hello from one crafy biologist to another. I just finished a patch baby blanket as well. I decided on a simple crochet edging: 1st rnd-SC in each st around, 2nd rnd-HDC in first 3 st, ch 3, skip 2 st, HDC in next 3 st, and so on. At the corners I just used HDC around w/ no gaps.

OMG OMG! What colors, what a great blanket. It's all in the maker's eye, isn't it?

xox Kay

Did you try


Your squares and colors are great -- I think a more symmetrical arrangement would show them off better. Lucky baby!

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