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There's Always Another Sock On Its Way

Regia Silk Color Sock, Colorway 190

Seems like there's always a sock going on where I am concerned. I started this one the day before my father-in-law's visitation because my husband knew it would help keep me on balance during all the emotional events. As it turns out, very little knitting was done, but it made me feel good to know it was in my bag. And it made me feel even better that John didn't mind me having something along that I found peaceful.

This sock doesn't deviate much from my normal pattern except that it is a toe up sock. Most of the time when I use Regia, I end up with a bunch left over. This time I decided that I would start toe up and work until I had used most of the yarn since it would be a shame to waste much of the Regia Silk. I am definitely beginning to see the allure of knitting toe up. I was able to use most of the skein and the only thing that I had to search to find was a stretchy bind-off for the ribbing - instructions for that bind off (which is very simple) can be found here in one of Grumperina's always thoughtful posts.

By stitching toe up, I ended up with a sock that was 11" tall from heel to cuff. Other than that, it's my standard Regia sock: 64 stitches around, short row heel, wedge toe. I guess now I should cast on the second one... there's a part of me though, that is thinking it's time to work on something else with a little more designing involved. But I also want to finish these up so that I can take them out for a wear-test. I'm hoping Regia Silk might turn out to be one of those yarns that is warmer in the winter due to its silk content without having too much extra thickness.

Your sock has such pretty colors. I know what you mean about the comfort of knitting, even when it just waits in your bag. I do enjoy knitting a sock toe up when I want to get the most out of my skein of yarn.

Leftover sock yarn is just an opportunity for more socks with really interesting colourways. It's not a waste but a chance to see how it works when teamed with other leftovers, the bonus is that you get to knit it twice.

That is a really lovely colorway. Tall socks can be good! :)

I love Regia Silk. I don't know that it's warmer than wool, but I found them extremely comfortable.

I haven't tried Grumperina's cast off yet. My favorite for toe ups with ribbing is to use a tubular sewn bind-off as described in Vogue Knitting.

I started knitting my socks with a little shorter cuff, and use the leftovers to knit a 3rd sock. With 3 socks, I don't have an unmatched sock until I've worn out 2 socks, instead of just 1.

If my feet were any bigger, this might not work.

great looking sock! I use that bind-off (or, well, one similar) all the time now on everything because I enjoy knitting it.

I look forward to seeing what you think about the wearability of the regia silk, so I hope you finish the second one soon (I have a couple balls of regia silk in a chocolate color in stash). ;)

Pretty colorway, it's like a sophisticated rainbow.

lovely sock yarn - I didn't know Regia Silk came in colours!

I always like to carry a bit of knitting around with me whether or not I can work on it. It's a little like having a security blanket.

I really like your sock. How did you start your toe? And where did you find the sock blockers,I've been looking on and off and haven't seen anything I'm crazy about. That one looks like it might be wooden?? Did your Dad make it?

That is one lovely sock. Please do let us know about your silk-being-warm-but-not-thick theory.

I'm figuring I need to do the toeup thing now, for the same reasons you cite.

I'm contemplating Regia Silk for Clessidra in the recent Magknits (or was it Knitty?)

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