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Quilt Variations


This project was a color study based on 5 fabrics that featured yellows and purples in varying depths of shades and  degrees of domination of one particular color.  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.  It was even a little bit more fun, because all 5 fat quarters came out of the Quiltology bargain bin.   Clearly I lucked out when I found enough fabrics containing two colors that are opposites on the color wheel. The whole project has only cost me 10 bucks!  Definitely a nice way to experiment with both colors and paper piecing. 

By limiting myself to 5 fat quarters, I also forced myself to figure out what size I needed to make my squares so that I would have enough fabric.  I also had to work out how to cut out my fabric strips to get the pieces I needed.  Since I hadn't played with much "quilty" math before, it was a great exercise.  And after that, sewing the paper-pieced blocks together was a piece of cake. 

Once you have the basic squares made it's no end of fun to move them around to see what a group of them can become.  The very top image is the one I had in mind when I made the squares, but these simple squares can be rotated so many ways to create many possible quilt tops.  The first one is still leading the pack now that I can start thinking about sewing them up.  The center of it is intentionally a little disjointed.  I wanted to make the viewer's eyes jump around a bit and and find multiple interesting patterns; maybe fool the viewer into believing that they weren't looking at 16 identical squares.


I like the first option. The center panels really pop creating a lot of movement and depth.

Hm. I like the second one and the last one. Though number one is probably tied with the last one.

I like #1 - it looks like the center is receiving hugs from the outside in.

#4 satisfies my OCD with a preference for Blus centers.

Really nice display of options!

I like the 3rd one - 4 yellow centers and one purple. Don't know why but that one "speaks" to me.

They're all gorgeous (as the differing comments attest) but my favorites are numbers 4 and 5.

Also -- what is this "paper piecing" you speak of? I've done a small amount of strip quilting, but have nothing like the room I need for it to work, now.

I like the third one - it reminds me of four pyramids reaching for the sun while a deep lake sits between them and on all sides.

It's amazing how different the quilt will look just by rearranging the squares! All are great, but I think the last one is my favorite. Nice job.

I like the 3rd one down with the blue square in the middle.

For me, the 3rd and 4th arrangements satisfy my eye better. Great color combinations!

#1 or #2, but lovely any way! :)

Wow, all the different combinations are amazing. Never would have guess they were 16 identical squares. My favorite is the last one. I like the multi-colored centers where the brightest yellow and purple come together.

I like the last one the best. Symmetry is, apparently, my friend.

I like #1 and #3 best.

I like No. 4 best. If these were my squares, it would take a loooooong time to make a final decision and actually sew them together. I know whatever you decide will be artistic and wonderful.

I hope Miss Z will model something soon!


I have this "thing" about symmetry. I like the last one. I has a "complete" feel about it that the others lack (for me).

I love the third one - it looks "happier" somehow!

I like the third and fourth ones.

I like the last one!! It has a little variety.
I love what you can do with diagonal colour in squares both in quilting and knitting! It's amazing the number of combinations you can come up with!

I like #3 - the blue "square" in the middle surrounded by yellow "sqaures". It will be beautiful any way yu assemble it. Congrats on a great design and a thrifty one!

I agree with Dotty. I like the way the purple center is bordered.

Of course, they all look pretty snazzy so it doesn't really matter which one you pick!

I like #5 best--it has a lot of life to it.

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