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Where Am I?

A few views from my hotel:


20090517_WhereAmI1.jpgI'm traveling on business to a scientific meeting/trade show.  I doubt there will be much time for the visiting of fibery locations, but I might be able to take in a couple of historic landmarks. Any idea where I am?


I agree. Philadelphia, with a peek at Ben Franklin, himself, I believe. Hope you get a little time to explore -- lots to see.

Philadelphia! A few recommendations if you have time and business/history makes you hungry & thirsty:
Reading Terminal Market

Nodding Head Brewery

Have a great time whatever you do!

Luise, that's not Ben Franklin, that's William Penn on top of that building.

Make sure you go over to Reading Terminal for some good local eats--it's right across the street from the convention center.

Enjoy Philly! And if you have a moment go visit the nice people at Rosie's Yarn Cellar.

Philadelphia, of course! See also, Loop. (Not the Chicago-kind.) They have a quilt shop next door, too! Alma de Cuba is great for small plates and mojitos.

You're in my hood! You are close by to Rosie's Yarn Cellar (20th & Locust) and Loop/Spool (19th & South), if you find you do have time for fibery pursuits. Sophie's Yarn (4th & Bainbridge) is farther away, but that neighborhood is worth checking out because it's near the garment district (aka Fabric Row).

Enjoy your stay in Philadelphia! Plenty of neat sites to visit.

Absolutely - you're in Philly! Do get yourself to 19th and South Streets and check out Loop and Spool (yarn shop and quilt shop next door). Have fun.

I've never been to Philadelphia, but the very conveniently searchable building gave it away!

I hope you didn't think you were going to fool us. Definitely Philly. Hubby is from there. Have a great time. It's home of the best artery clogging food on the planet. Get a cheese steak while you're there. My personal formula is onions, mushrooms, ketchup and NOTHING ELSE! Hubby goes for the sweet peppers. The pizza is to die for, too. IMHO, there is no other pizza except what they make in Philly. (Well, NYC does have great pizza too.)

You're at ASM in Philadelphia! I wish I were there too, but we're on budget cuts and nobody from my lab went this year.

I am going to go with the flow and say Philly. I have never been, don't know anyone, but would love to go sometime. Philly cheese steak? What could be better than the real deal? I hope you get time to go get one. If you do, could you please tell us what you had on it and how it was?

Philadelphia. The PFSF building gave it away.

Even though I left at 14 years old I still recognize landmarks in the "City of Brotherly Love." If you have time, boathouse row at night is always a sight, and for a stroll/rent a bicycle--Fairmont Park.

No building was supposed to be higher than Penn's hat. It appears things change.

PSFS gave it away for me too, although the first photo looked familiar. Try and visit the Reading Terminal Market and have a hoagie.

yep - Philly & it is William Penn. do they still have that law that no building in downtown Philly can be taller than the Penn statue on top of city hall? When viewed from a certain angle (the hotel where I stayed many years ago), the statue has an unfortunate look that caused some to refer to it as Billy playing with his Penn.

Well! If you are in Philly, go see where Benjamin Franklin lived, worked, and died. Go see Betsy Ross's house. The old section is lovely - at least as I remember it when I was a Joisy girl many moons ago. Don't recognize any of the landmarks, but Philly is a great city from what I recall.

I'm actually a Chicago girl myself, from the South Side - and Polish to boot!

Yay!! You're in my neck of the woods! I would recognize those buildings anywhere.

Loop and Spool are must sees, as well as Rosie's Yarn Cellar - all fairly close to each other.

It's very touristy, but the double-decker bus tour is actually quite good. Eat lunch at Reading Terminal and you won't be disappointed.

Have fun here, it's a great city!

Melissa G, mwknitter- it was only a gentleman's agreement that the buildings not be higher than William Penn's Hat-- this ended in the late 80s. Some say that ever since then, Philadelphia has been unable to win a major sports championship (until 2008). It's been called "the curse of Billy Penn," and it's been written up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_William_Penn

I stayed in the same area last September. You are an easy fifteen minute walk from Rosie's! GO!

A friend of mine is also in Philli on a scientific Micro biology meeting. Not sure if its the same one you are at. She is coming back on Thurs. Have fun.

Yep. Philly. I thought that short building looked familiar...ahem. City Hall...

I was just there to see a friend graduate from college and to viist with others. Hope you have as good a time as I did!

You know it wasn't that hard to figure out, especially since your Twitter updates on your blog page include your tweets that you were in Philly.

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