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Blooming 9 Patch Quilted

Well, if my neighbors were harboring any small hope that the lady next door might be normal, those hopes were sorely dashed as I searched for ways to take picture of my finished Blooming 9 Patch.  Do you know how hard it is to find a place to photograph a queen-sized  (almost king sized) quilt in good light when you don't have a wide house or a big back yard?

20100502_Blooming9Back.jpgFirst, the easy photo.  I chose a dark blue batik (it looks a little "overexposed" in this picture) for the back and a modern geometric design for the quilting pattern.  The quilting was done with a red thread, and it looks pretty sharp.  The binding was a colorful batik print that picked up colors in both the backing and the dark border prints.  Instead of a standard cotton batting, I opted for a superwash wool batting, since the destination room for this quilt can get a little chilly. 

20100502_Blooming9KingBed.jpgHere is my first attempt at a picture -- on my own bed.  I made this quilt with the queen-sized bed in my guest bedroom in mind, but it almost covers my king-sized bed (it need about 6" on either edge t make it workable).  I was hoping to be able to get a good picture to give some scale, but I just couldn't get far enough away.  

20100502_Blooming9FrontYard.jpgThe next photo attempt was in my front yard.  I think I was actually standing on top of a wall to take this photo (doing the sort of thing that I would tell my kid she couldn't do).  The overcast day made it a good day for taking pictures to help show what the colors look like in natural light.  But I still wasn't able to get a good top down perspective.  Made me think I needed to have a picnic -- on the most over the top picnic blanket I could ever imagine.

20100502_Blooming9Deck.jpgThis final photo was taken from the balcony above my deck, standing on a chair so I could get just enough height to get (almost) the whole quilt in frame (the bottom horizontal edge is a bit clipped).   Unfortunately, I didn't include anything that would help create a sense of scale, but at least the color flow is clear.  I'm rather pleased with the color flow, though I do wish I'd gotten a bit more of that dark batik on the edge and had a more solid dark border to finish it off.   

I'm going to call this one a happy success.  I think it will be a great addition to my guest room -- if I let it live down there.  Part of me wants to find a way to have it in a place where it would be more prominently displayed. 

After the kiddo saw the pictures, she asked me if she could sleep with it.  So I guess that means I better get a move on and get some more effort in on the twin-sized quilt I have planned for her for when she graduates to a "big girl" bed.

Congratulations! That is a beautiful quilt, a work of art, and a major accomplishment!

Love, love, love your style of quilting. The way the colors flow from one to the next is mesmerizing. I strongly agree that it is a happy project. I can't get over how fast you are at quilting.

This quilt is gorgeous. I am not surprised that you want to place it where it can be seen. It's a wonderful quilt.

Don't hide this quilt; it's gorgeous! Spectacular! AMazing!

That is absolutely gorgeous. Well done.

It's beautiful! And the quilting style you went with is very cool. Since it's in the guest room, maybe that means I'll get to use it some day :)

WOW, awesome!

The quilt is fabulous. You can stay warm just from the colors alone! Congratulations on another beautiful project.

Holy wow that's gorgeous.

I bet it's spectacular in person.

Went to a quilt show Friday and yours could definitely hold its own there.

Beautiful! I wonder how you find the time between work and wee one...

Amazingly gorgeous!

Wow! That quilt is incredible!

The golden yellow absolutely glows. Wonderful work!

Sounds like a new quilt will be a good way to get her into a big-girl bed.
The quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

Sounds like a new quilt will be a good way to get her into a big-girl bed!
This quilt is absolutely beautiful!

Congratulations on another beautiful quilt. Your sense of color is awe inspiring.

Stunning! If you ever get tired of it I'd be glad to prominently display it on MY BED. haha

I'm not a quilter, but I must say that is incredibly inspiring. One of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen!

GORGEOUS! I have been enamored with batiks for a long time.. and i love your use of them. I'm into the jelly roll quilts right now...so.addictive!

Very nice. I love how you finished it and the backing fits perfectly.

OMG that is gorgeous!!! I so admire your color sense - and also the thousands of hours it must have taken you to complete this quilt.

I think you put it somewhere more public, at least for a little while...

Beautiful quilt! I especially love that your daughter wanted to sleep with it!

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