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Unfinished Quilting

So I've been feeling like my crafting mojo is ramping back up. Funny how an enthusiastic 2 year old can make you want to do things for and with them.  I'm supposed to be working on a project for a twin-sized quilt for same 2 year old, but as I was sitting down to do that, I found the pieces for a paper piecing purple/yellow color study that I started in early 2008 as part of a class on paper piecing (so compared with my Blooming 9 Patch, this project has only been in progress for 2 years.

20100516_PPColorStudy.jpgOn Saturday I finally got my act together and sewed the darn things together.  I'm not going to label this as one of my most amazing sewing efforts, but, really, the project was meant to let me play with paper piecing and do the color study more than it was meant to show off my machine skills.  It's not very large -- maybe 2' x 2' and is composed of only 5 fat quarters.   When I had finished sewing it and removing the paper backing, Ms. Z got her hands on it.

That's very nice, Mama!  Can I have it?  I want to go ninach* with it.

Then she grabbed and ran off to stuff it in her crib with all her other treasures (I swear, she's got hoarding skills like a dragon).  After I convinced her to give it back, I told her it wasn't quite finished yet.  I'm actually hoping to machine quilt this piece myself using what Carolyn taught me before Z was born and the walking foot for my sewing machine, and then get a refresher course on binding the edges.  The quilting will probably be simple, perhaps just long diagonals -- but for me, even something simple would be an accomplishment! 
* "ninach" (which I suspect is spelled more like nynacz... but I've typed it out phonetically) is roughly "to bed".

Love love love purple and yellow together anyway, and here they look just beautiful! I need to get my act together and try some quilting...

The colors are wonderful together! Can't wait to see how you finish it up.

Looking forward to the total product. I love that your wee one has a Polish vocabulary (my G-ma was 1st generation, but didn't pass on the language).

The colors are fantastic together, and Z loves it. I think that automatically makes it a win even if you think you could have done better on the machine sewing.

Congratulations on your Z-approved work! Anything that encourages a nearly 3 to go to bed is a major accomplishment.

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