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Socks in Progress

Right now, the work - life balance equation is shifted firmly in the direction of work.  The dedicated crafting time has been a few minutes here and a few minutes there, so most of my projects have been simple.  Socks have been the dominant form of simplicity.  My standard pattern, sized for either myself or Ms. Z.  

Her socks have seen more knitting time, smaller socks come together so much quicker, making it feel like there's more payoff knitting for her.  And what's not to love about a little person telling me how much she likes the yarn, or taking off one of her socks so that we can try the newest sock in progress on?

The sock on the far left is made out of Patons Stretch an elastic cotton blend that I thought would be good for spring socks.  I hope to make these as knee socks.  I am considering over the knee socks as well, but worry they might not stay up well enough.  We shall see.

The sock in the top center is made out of Lorna's Laces in a wonderful bright bubble gum color.  Since they will be solid, I wanted to add some pattern or texture.  I'm thinking about something with a simple eyelet motif, but haven't found something that I like and that suits Z. 

The big sock is for me in Austerman Step -- one of the yarns that came out multiple years back that came infused with jojoba oil. My dry skin has been a real sore spot for me this winter, so I thought these socks might help. It's not bad stuff to knit with. 

I've got a sock for John that didn't make it into the picture, mostly because it has little cables, which, while simple, are still beyond my focusing skills.  They're in a lovely almost solid forest green Trekking yarn.  The husband has been putting holes through the soles of all his socks (the very first pair I made for him out of Opal just succumbed...) lately, so I'm going to be knitting a lot of replacements for his drawer... no more wimpy soft merino for him!
In case you want to know more about what I do in my day job, you can check out my first non-crafting blog post ever at the HealthIT Buzz blog sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.  It's a piece of writing I'm particularly proud of and I think it's a pretty good story as well -- and if you're interested in what your doctor has to think about when they're considering using an electronic health record system, it might be a nice intro.


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