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Pogona for Grandma

Friends are very handy for introducing me to things that everyone else seemed to know about, but that I somehow missed.  Julie and I were out coffee shop hopping when we took a detour into a yarn store and she started talking to the girl behind the counter about Stephen West and his neat scarf constructions.

Fifteen minutes later, I had West Knits book in my hand and ideas about scarves and was looking forward to adding a little more color to my neckline.

I've been fortunate in my knitting life to have acquired quite a few special skeins of yarn.  I find it very hard to make a commitment to doing something with these skeins, because I worry that I might not use them for a worthy project.  When I found Pogona, I felt like I had found a pattern that was special skein worthy: not only did it have interesting construction, but it had both shawl and scarf-like qualities, making it more versatile.  Not only that, but one skein of fingering weight yarn looked sufficient for the project, so a quick knit a well.  Win.

As I rooted through my stash, I put my hands on a skein of Skein Queen Squash in Rose Red.  The colorway has deep reddish purples and some purply chocolate brown as contrast.  It came from a trade with Emma.  Emma was really my catalyst into sock knitting and has incredible taste in yarn.  I felt like I had the right combination of yarn and pattern.  Double win.

As I was knitting this project, I started to get an odd feeling about it.  Not a bad feeling, just a feeling like this project might not have the destiny that I had thought it would.  About three quarters of the way through, I realized that while I liked the colors in this yarn, they were really colors that belonged to someone else that I know well, and so I finished it up with the happy realization that without planning it at all, I had come up with a Mother's Day present.

Since it may be a little while until we see her in person, I hope Grandma doesn't mind me modeling her scarf. 


Happy Mother's Day Mom!  


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