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Note to My Daughter

I hope you always enjoy your raingear (especially fun rainboots) and splashing in the puddles. I want you to love being outdoors and to take joy in the beauty of the wind and the rain.

And you remind your mother that it's sometimes the smallest pleasures that make the biggest happy places in our hearts.  


Project: Trillian by Martina Behm
Yarn: Bright Dyes Sock Yarn in "Scarlet Macaw"*
Needles: 3 mm

I think it is likely to be the summer of one skein scarf/shawl projects with simple knitting elements.    Trillian is a simple asymetrical scarf with a lacy little border and a clever way of getting the lace border on two sides of the scarf.  The pattern works with almost any fingering weight yarn, but lends itself particularly well to crazy multicolors because the number of stitches changes every other row.  The bias stitching also lends itself well to stripey yarns.  I've been tempted to find some Noro Silk Garden Sock to test out with it.

20110612_TrillianColorProfi.jpgThe Scarlet Macaw yarn, with it's vivid primary colors seemed like a perfect test.  Of course, it did have areas of pooling, but I thought they looked lovely and gave the scarf a bright watercolor aesthetic.  The pattern was intended to be used with a skein of Wollemeise, which has more yardage than this skein, so it's a little smaller than the scarf in the pattern.  The pattern is written such that you can take it on without worrying about how much yarn you have.  Again, making it perfect for a single skein of sock yarn that you can't quite imagine as socks.

20110612_TrillianChairDrape.jpgAs summery as the colors are, the yarn is a wool/nylon blend, so it won't likely see too much action until fall rolls around again.  I think it will be great matched up against a black or red turtleneck

Hopefully I'll be back again soon.  My work world is a busy place right now and it's been seriously cutting into my crafty time.

*This yarn was a trading gift from Emma, who found the most lovely indy UK dyers.  Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the dyer is actively dyeing anymore.  It feels like I just got the yarn from her, but of course it's been in my stash waiting to be called on for almost 3 years.  Time flies...


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