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Catkin Swatch

Inspired by the Yarn Harlot, I've decided to tackle Catkin.  During the winter, I spend a lot of time in turtlenecks, and my favorite way to accessorize them is with scarves and shawls.   Catkin appealed to me both because of the many ways it can be worn and because I liked the way it used two colors, but seemed to keep the knitting pretty simple. 

After digging through my stash (I really am still dedicated to shopping my stash for most of my projects right now) I decided that I wanted to give the Madeline Tosh Merino Light suggested by the author a chance.  I selected Fathom and Glazed Pecan after looking back over my last 20 or so projects and realizing I was stuck in a magenta/burgundy colored rut.  I've always loved deep sapphire/electric blues and Fathom is no exception.  Glazed Pecan has something of a tarnished brass quality.  Together, I think the two colors make a smashing pair.

I always think it's a good omen when the suggested needles result in a swatch of the suggested size -- so I have high hopes for Catkin being a great project.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was that I actually didn't have circular needles of the suggested size.  I was certain by this time I had every needle size known to knitterkind multiplied by several times.

P.S. to Claudia.  Sorry to see you wrap up your blogging days. I'll miss your wit and thoughtful project consideration.  Keep in touch! 


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