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Hand Dyed Yarn in Paradise


The truth is, that while I love Hawaii (and the Island of Kauaii, in particular) I don't really go to Hawaii to knit or go yarn shopping.  It's warm, it's humid and I'm at the beach and knitting is only infrequently on the agenda - so yarn doesn't even seem like the right kind of souvenir from Hawaii most of the time.

That said, I was so surprised to find a nice little yarn store in Hanalei (Kauai's North Shore) in the local Ukelele shop, Strings and Things that I had to stop in and look.  Imagine my surprise to find not only Arucania, but also beautiful locally hand dyed yarn, Hanalei Hand Dyed.  Apparently the yarn originates from a rainy season some time back where there was 40 days of rain.  The owners of the store, who knew how to knit, thought it would be good to find something else to do and the dying business was born.  They have some yarns dyed with local plant-based dyes.

So, in spite of myself, I walked away with some souvenir yarn that would be completely impractical for Hawaiian use (the yarn on the left is 65% cashmere, 35% silk; the yarn on the right is a bamboo/merino blend) but will be perfect for Chicago.  The dusty muted tones of the cashmere silk blend remind me of Kauai rain showers (of which there are many) and the bright sunny tones of the bamboo/merino remind me of Mai Tais by sunset. 

The shawl pin is also a local product, from njm designs (I couldn't find a website). It's labelled as "copper mandala".

There's been a little bit of knitting going on (the scarf of my last post has grown longer) but mostly it's been about the beach and the pursuit of shave ice since arriving on Saturday.  This is our third trip to Kauai... and every time we visit it feels a little more like home.

I was in Kauai the last week of July and stumbled into this same shop and purchased a gorgeous skein of sock yarn. Loved Kauai and hope to make it back there again soon. Enjoy your trip!!

Those are some pretty, pretty yarns. I can understand that some areas just don't feel like hot beds on knitting, but that yarn looks like was worth bringing home!

When we are in the middle of another long Midwestern winter you will pull out your lovely Hawaiian yarn and it will surely make you smile and warm your heart. Nice buy!

I love the yarn. I have been to Hawaii and never knew they had a yarn shop. The colors are great!! If ever I get back their I have to go by the store. Thanks for showing us and can't wait to see what you make with them.

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