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Piece of Cake


This cupcake may look like an ordinary cupcake created as a kid entertainment/distraction tactic to allow one of her parents some extra time to work in peace.  But it hides a lovely secret guaranteed to entertain children and adults alike.

Who can resist a cake-y rainbow?  It looks even better when you take a bite.

The best part?  These are bog simple to make.  Anyone who knows me knows that except for the occasional batch of cookies and my daily caffeine fix, I don't spend much time in the kitchen.  I like to bake, but I don't often have the time or attention span for baking projects that take a lot of time and finesse.  

If you want detailed instructions and video, Googling "rainbow cupcakes" will get you their pretty quickly (you can find the video I watched here).  But all it pretty much requires is the following:

  • White cake mix of your choice
  • Muffin tins(mine are silicone so I can reuse them, but paper works fine, too)
  • Standard red, yellow, blue, green food coloring set
  • Any frosting, decorations you like (Ms. Z selected a pre-made pink vanilla frosting because it was pink)
After you prepare the cake batter according to instructions, divide it roughly equally into 6 containers (I used clear juice glasses because it was easy to tell how well the food coloring was mixed in) and add food coloring until you get the colors you like.  Decide what direction you want your rainbow to go in and add the batter one layer at a time until you have added some of each color to each cup.  Bake, cool, frost and let your kiddo have fun decorating.  

I got about 16 cupcakes out of the box.  I could have used a bit more color in each cup and while I would have had fewer cupcakes (fine in my house) I would have had more even rainbow.  If you want  to have wider color bands towards the top, you need to put more of that color in since the diameter of the cup is wider at the top.  While cake is a little boring (in my opinion) so if we do it again, I might use some of my baking flavor extracts to make it more interesting.

Bottom line: fun, easy and eating them was fun for both the kid and the adults in the house!


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