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Have a Heart

Perler Bead Heart by Ms. Z

I learned about Perler beads from my sister-in-law last weekend.  They are really wonderful, especially if you have a child that needs to work on her fine dexterity. It's crafty goodness that helps with motor skills.

Take one template with tiny pegs on it and one bucket of cylindrical plastic beads.  Give them both to a child and let them create.  Ms. Z just likes to mix all the colors.  When the child is done, cover the project with parchment and iron.  Voila!  You have my plastic heart (although Z would like to give this one to her school art teacher).

This is equally fun for the parent, since I love to play with color and pattern, and it seems to make my child happy when I sit and do it with her.  Finally a fun craft activity that we can do together that isn't messy and isn't hard to clean up.

Thank you for the reminder about Perler beads! We're on day three of a cold snap here ... I know what we'll be doing this afternoon.

Wow, do they still make those? My daughter used to have buckets of those things when she was little, she's 26 no. I guess the company knows a good thing when they find it!

I've seen the perler bead items on Etsy, but I'd never seen them in real life. Are they easy to find?

I loved those growing up, but my parents must not have known that they could be ironed because we never did that. I DID make a lot of coasters though, lol. I've thought about them off and on but I never knew what they were called. Now I need to see if I can find some!

Ikea has them, look for 'Pyssla'.

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Have a Heart
Perler Bead Heart by Ms. ZI learned about Perler beads from my sister-in-law last weekend.  They are really wonderful, especially…