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Catkin Progress

I have a number of unfinished projects lurking on the corners of my desks and hidden in baskets around the house.  I thought I would share a few of them as part of the process of convincing myself to bring them to completion.  All of them are worthy and will be lovely, but I seem to have a habit of setting things down when the chart gets too hard to memorize easily.  

So here we have the lovely Catkin by Carina Spencer knit in Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the colors Fathom (blue) and Glazed Pecan.  I've always like yellows and blue together (perhaps this was influenced by growing up close to the University of Michigan), but I like it when the yellows and blues have a little more sophistication.  I spent some time selecting these two colorways.  The yellow is much gold and little brown.  The blue is reminiscent of royal blue or purple with a shot of the electric.

I tried to get a shot of this project that would highlight the lovely needle work in the pecan colored area, but it's just too big for that now.  That area surprised me.  I thought it would be unpleasant to knit because the pattern was big and hard to remember.  But it turned out to be simpler than I thought.  And this yarn is really lovely to knit with, too.  I love the subtle variations in the color that give the knitting extra depth.  What is it about me and single ply yarn?  I love the stuff.  So many of my projects lately are made of single ply.

I imagine Catkin as a Spring and Fall garment.  Light enough for when it's just a little chilly out, so I think I'll make sure I've finished up my winter only warmers before I get back to her.  She sits in one of my dad's hand turned bowls beside my desk, where I can see her clearly and won't forget her, keeping company with a couple of other lost fibery souls.

It looks lovely. I really could use a bit of a project shaming (not for the project but for me) to get back to work on a few that should be finished sooner rather than later.

Very pretty! I can't wait to see the finished project. The saturated blue is especially eye catching.

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