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Treats for Inspiration

Last year was such a low impact knitting year that it was hard for me to look at my existing stash and justify more yarn.  It was also becoming more and more clear to me that some yarns, even though I love them, don't play nice with my skin.  At the same time, I missed creating and crafting and knew I needed some inspiration.  So I decided that I would allow myself to have some treat yarn, under the condition that it was skin compatible (merinos, silk and good cashmere), truly special and inspirational, and also a small project where the yarn would actually be consumed and not just sit and linger in my stash.

Just about the time I made this decision, Sundara offered her luxury yarn subscription.  Smallish amounts of yarn and a pattern to go with it.   I'd used her fingering silky merino in another pattern and found that I could wear it against my skin without irritation, and since that yarn, it's aran cousin and a sport silky cashmere were the core offerings, I figured I couldn't go wrong.  Small projects, wonderful yarn bases and a dyer that makes some of the most beautiful and sophisticated colorways I've ever seen.   It's hard not to want this yarn in your hands!

Of course, I haven't been as fast on the draw as I would like to be.  There were three projects in the subscription and I'm just about mid-way through the first (Saltwater, which I am working in that beautiful blue yarn you see in the picture).   The other two yarns that came in the subscription are that beautiful deep "autumn leaves" red aran silky merino and the lovely "driftwood" sport silky cashmere that captures my memories of driftwood washed up on Lake Michigan in the summertime perfectly.    

The green yarn is her "Compassion" (also in aran silky merino) -- she released it at a time a few weeks ago when that message really resonated (and still resonates) with me.  The cowl project it goes with may be next since it is February in Chicago and that color will be the perfect complement to me and my hair and February is just one of those months where we all need a little more compassion, I think. At least in the places where it is cold and we have to spend more of our time indoors.

Last, but not least, that beautiful purple lace weight is "Aurora" in "Petunia" from Jill Draper. It's a wool silk blend and it's so soft that I'm optimistic that I'll be able to wear it in the lacy cowl its destined for.  

Even though I haven't knit with all of it yet, this yarn is keeping me company at my desk, sharing it's color and it's beautiful textures with me.  It's been therapeutic in many ways.  And it definitely helped convince me to keep my needles moving.

What yarn or tools inspire you to keep knitting?

My fav LYS is newish and still getting established, so when they get in a new brand of needles, I treat myself. I've got a hot little set of #2 Knit Pic's DPS's just waiting for my current project to finish up. THe cost of a single set will tell me if I like them enough to go hog wild on a larger set. I love new tools!

I unfortunately am not allowed to buy yarn until near the end of the year. I'm even running a stash sale, so right now I'm getting my inspiration by looking at and buying patterns that work with the yarns I am keeping. Ravelry is good for that, but there are a few other patterns I have wanted since I saw them in magazines years ago. I will probably still buy those even though I don't have the yarn for them.

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