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Compassion Cowl

Pattern:  Compassion Cowl
Yarn: Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Colorway "Compassion"
Needles: 5.0 mm Addi Turbos

Spring feels like the time for green.  It's still a bit chilly in Chicago, so this cowl with it's deep emerald green is rather perfect.  It's been off the needles for some time now (right before St. Patrick's Day) but life has interfered rather mightily with knitting and blogging in the past weeks.

This project is a nice blend of cables and lace.  And though I am always suspicious of things with cable and lace labelled as simple to knit and easy to memorize, this pattern did turn out to be just that.  It didn't take long to knit up at all.

Were I to do it again, I might take out a repeat of the pattern to make it a bit narrower as it's not as close to my neck as I might like it at the top.  

The yarn was lovely to knit with.  I love anything with a little silk and this yarn was no exception.  Definitely fiber and color therapy.  It blocked well and I think the stitch definition is quite good.  The yarn base is a single ply with variable thickness.    The silk makes the green luminous.   

This detail picture is not a good representation of the color (the first two pictures are much better in this respect) but it does show off the cable lace texture.  The lace isn't terribly pronounced, but does help to give the fabric some more give and airy-ness.

My only quibble is that this patter really takes just a little tiny bit more than one skein... so to complete it, you need two.  Which is not the worst thing in the world since it gives me extra for a pair of short mitts... but if you needed to be budget conscious, it would feel like a bit of a waste since the yarn is pretty pricey.    If you were interested in the patter, I would be removing one pattern repeat with let you do it with one skein.

I've had a few folks ask to see my favorite little girl.  So here I give you my Compassion Cowl and my Source of Hope.    

Another Cowl

In the spirit of knitting out of my stash, I've been looking for projects that can be completed with relatively small amounts of yarn.  You see, I'm one of those knitters who seems to acquire a lot of trophy yarn.  Exotic yarn from other places, bright colored, novel fibers... things that it just doesn't make sense to get a lot of, but which I just can't leave behind when I find it.  Over the years I've gotten a little more judicious in my acquisitions, but I still have plenty of wonderful skeins that I'd like to be able to enjoy as a garment rather than just see in my yarn cupboard.

Cowls are wonderful projects when you have modest amounts of yarn.  I've been trolling Ravelry looking for patterns that appeal to me.  I also happily appropriate good ideas when I find them on friends' blogs.  In this case, I credit Julie with the inspiration, since her version looked cozy and it was clearly a fast knit.

20110202_AlmostBurberryCowl.jpgThe pattern is the Burberry Inspired Cowl Neck Scarf and the yarn is Colinette Prism in Jamboree.  I think this knit up in about a day.  What took me a while to get around to was the whole soaking and blocking part -- which it definitely needed given how stiff this wool-wrapped-with a cotton binder was after I knit it up.  It softened up considerably after a warm bath. 

Since we were spending a day at home watching the snow come down, I finally had some daylight time to get some pictures taken. 

20110202_AlmostCowlWorn.jpg This cowl is a contrast to the Super Cupcake in that it's a much closer fit. Good for keeping the neck warm.  In a pinch you might be able to use it in a hat-like fashion to keep your ears warm, but it's not as expansive as the Cupcake.  I likely won't be able to wear it without a turtleneck.  Even after a bath, the wool core of this yarn is not the softest stuff.  The color is great, though and it's definitely warm.  Perfect for when I need to wait for the bus in the cold.

Fun, easy pattern, good use of stash yarn, bright color in grey winter.  I call it a success!


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