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Have a Heart

Perler Bead Heart by Ms. Z

I learned about Perler beads from my sister-in-law last weekend.  They are really wonderful, especially if you have a child that needs to work on her fine dexterity. It's crafty goodness that helps with motor skills.

Take one template with tiny pegs on it and one bucket of cylindrical plastic beads.  Give them both to a child and let them create.  Ms. Z just likes to mix all the colors.  When the child is done, cover the project with parchment and iron.  Voila!  You have my plastic heart (although Z would like to give this one to her school art teacher).

This is equally fun for the parent, since I love to play with color and pattern, and it seems to make my child happy when I sit and do it with her.  Finally a fun craft activity that we can do together that isn't messy and isn't hard to clean up.

Small Beaded Things

Lately, I seem to be having a hard time focusing on larger projects (poor Liberty! I feel very neglectful). When I start thinking about something new, I ignore anything that looks like a sweater or a big shawl and go directly to smaller things. While doing my cleaning of a while back, I unearthed a small project (and I do mean small) that I had picked up a couple of Christmas seasons ago while in Ann Arbor.

Black Beaded Bag/Amulet

Size #0000 metal needles. Hmmm. Sounds interesting. And I even have the needles. A gazilion small beads and the opportunity to lose them everywhere? How could I resist? A kit that *actually* includes *all* the parts you need to complete the project? Woohoo! Let me at it.

Seed Beads in Close Up

I have to admit, I can't work on this for very long without getting a little crazy, so I just pick it up every now and again when the shinyness of the beads overwhelms my fear of knitting with black string on itty bitty needles. I'm a bit surprised at what a nice effect you can get from grouping beads together and how the process works. It's actually not hard at all, just a bit time consuming to be moving a lot of beads around.


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