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Spinning and Quilting

I've been much more modest with my spinning and quilting starts.  Amazingly enough, I have just one of each type of project in process.  I'm currently spinning up a batch of Fiber Optic Foot Notes Unspun Pencil Roving.  The roving is a blend of Merino and Nylon and I think the colorway is "Black Coffee".  It's a beautiful mix of browns and reminds me not only of swirling coffee with a little cream here and there, but also tree bark from an old and experienced tree. 

I hope you don't mind if I briefly divert your attention from the fiber to the little red scale that was helping me weigh it out.  It's an EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale that I was asked to take out for a spin* and see if I thought it would be a helpful tool for knitters and spinners. 

Previously, I'd been using an Ikea scale, and I found it a little flaky, and this scale showed up at just the right time.  It's a very simple scale -- it tares, has an auto shutoff and does measurements in both English and Metric units.  The fact that it can handle up to 11 lbs means that you can actually use a substantial "weighing boat" to hold whatever you're weighing -- something I find handy when I'm dealing with a large volume of fiber. You can switch back and forth between English and Metric with a touch of a button (handy for those of us trying to remember how many grams in an ounce or vice versa) and it can provide 4 units -- lbs, kgs, oz and g -- nice for when you have large amounts of fiber or yarn to deal with!  I found that it did a good job from a consistency in measurement of the same items and that it measured stably, even though it is a fairly light weight device. In short, for the money, it turns out to be a very nice little scale. A nice stocking stuffer for the knitter or spinner on your holiday shopping list!

20101121_CoffeeOnBobbin.jpgI used it to help me make sure I had equal amounts of roving for each of the 2 plies I plan to spin for this yarn.  I've got the first bobbin finished and I've just barely started the second.  I'm hoping to try the finished product out in a pair of socks.  Since the coloring is subtle, I think it would be a nice yarn for a pair with a simple pattern or texture once it's plied up.

20101121_CurrentQuilting.jpgMy current quilting project is my Lincoln Park Patchwork quilt in red/orange and blue/green batiks.  This project is destined to be a twin-sized quilt that I will gift to my lovely little girl when she gets her first "big girl" bed.  It's an easy project from a construction stand point, but I've stalled on it because it's actually quite hard to sew whenever the kid is awake.  Ms. Z is fascinated by my sewing machine.  This is a good thing, because I hope to share my crafty mojo with her someday.  It's also a bad thing because sewing machines are dangerous to curious little fingers and I don't want her to get hurt on it by accident or to try to start turning it on by herself.  She's getting bigger, though, and that move from toddler bed to twin bed isn't going to be long in coming, so I'm hoping this winter to put in some quality time on this.  I love the bright colors, and I know that they're going to be great therapy when the dead of winter hits.

*In the interests of full disclosure, I was provided the scale for free to review and also selected the color on my own.

Strips of Lincoln Park

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I forgot to mention that the quilt I am going to be working on next is based on a pattern called "Lincoln Park Patchwork" from designed by Collette Cogley at Quiltology.  Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have a good picture of it, but you can see a slice of it here.  Essentially, it's alternating wide and narrow strips of stacked "coins".  Not a complicated quilt, but perfect for what I want right now: rich color to play with and no complicated sewing.

Ms. Z will be three in July and I'm anticipating that we will soon be considering a "big girl bed" for her.  She is always very curious about my craft projects and loves to grab my Serendipty quilt (my very first quilt project) and snuggle under it when she is watching movies.  I thought it might be time to make her another quilt.   I didn't see any purpose to making her another crib-sized quilt, so this one will be twin sized.  I wanted a lot of big, bright color, but I also wanted the quilt to be something that would last past her Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine years.  I think the batiks I picked combined with the simple design will let the quilt age gracefully, and will hopefully be something that when she gets past the inevitable pink and purple princess period, will be something she still wants to have on her bed.

I got the fabric ironed and now all the strips are cut.  The real adventure of putting the colors together now awaits!

The Next Project

You knew if I took that quilt top off to be quilted that I'd come back with another project, right?

I don't suppose anyone is surprised that it involves more batiks, either.


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