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Sunshine and Shadow Fabrics

What's a newbie quilter to do when a good friend tells her that she's got a new baby girl coming to greet the world in the summer?  Buy fabric, of course!  I looked through the couple of quilt books that I have and decided on a Sunshine and Shadow quilt from Tradition with a Twist

Since I know the sex of the baby, it made it easier to pick colors than it was for my last baby quilt.   As with the Children's Delight quilt, I knew I wanted to create a quilt that could make it beyond that baby phase.  So I decided to play on the pinky purple color range that is traditional for girls, but get a little wild and a little more sophisticated by picking batik fabrics.  Sunshine and Shadow quilts are meant to have a range of depth of shade from very deep dark colors to very light shades, and my progression from dark to light is what you see in the picture, moving from left to right.  I particularly like the fabrics that have the orange punches in them. 

I need to finish up a baby doll sized quilt to go along with the Children's Delight quilt before I can get started on this one, but I'm just itching to get my rotary cutter started with this fabric.