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Sock Order

On Saturday night, John and I watched our three nieces while my brother- and sister-in-law went out to celebrate their anniversary.  Their three children are 6, 4 and 1 -- a nice range and a good complement to Z, who fits right in between the youngest and the middle child.  I was expecting chaos, but, instead, we had a very nice evening watching movies, eating popcorn and talking about knitting.

Yes, you heard me correctly, talking about knitting.  Well, at least the 6 year old and I did.

While the kids watched a movie, I sat down on the couch to finish off the second one of Z's socks.  Surprisingly the 6 year old (Ms. O) sat down on the couch next to me.  I say surprisingly, because given the chance, all of these kids love to be with John.  But she was clearly intrigued by what I was working on.

O: Ciocia Theresa, what are you working on?

Me: I'm knitting a sock.

O: Who's it for?

Me: Z.

O: Did she ask you for it?

Me: Yes, she did.

There was a pause in the action while she watched some of the movie and ate some popcorn.

O: Ciocia Theresa, is this yarn?

Me: Yes, it is.  It's sock yarn.

O: How does it do that? 
(referring to the color patterning)

Me:  Well it's colored in a particular way.  As you use knit with it, it turns into stripes.

O: How does knitting work?

(Having one of those "oh wow" moments, but trying not to sound too excited, lest I scare her off). Well, you kind of go round and a round in a circle pulling loops through other loops.  And eventually it makes a fabric.

There's some more discussion about yarn and knitting and the fairy wings that I made her (that she loves).  Another pause.  Clearly some thinking is going on about what to say next.

O: I like this yarn, Ciocia Theresa.  Do you make socks for other people?

Me: Yes.  I make them for Uncle John and me.

O: If I asked you for socks, would you make me some?

(Chuckling) Yes.

O:  Ciocia Theresa, would you make me a pair of socks?

Me:  You bet.

After that, when she got bored with the movie, we headed to where my stash was and I let her pick out some yarn (some Opal I have with blue and pink and white stripes -- she's a girly girl) and we talked about what she wanted: short socks that you could fold down into a cuff.   We measured her feet  and I took notes so that I could  work out the dimensions.  About 10 minutes later, and in roughly 15 minutes intervals afterwards... 

O: Ciocia, when are you going to start my socks?

This cracked me up, but made me happy.  Her feet are barely bigger than Z's so it will take no time at all to make a nice pair of ribbed socks.  Even though she was clearly thinking she was being sneaky about getting something, it's hard not to be happy when a child has enjoyed one hand knit gift and actively wants another one. 

I think this Christmas might be the one where Ms. O gets an introductory knitting kit.  And some socks.

If anyone has any good suggestions about books for young knitters, I'd be obliged.  She's just learning to read, so it needs to be simple, with good illustrations.


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