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Note to My Daughter

I hope you always enjoy your raingear (especially fun rainboots) and splashing in the puddles. I want you to love being outdoors and to take joy in the beauty of the wind and the rain.

And you remind your mother that it's sometimes the smallest pleasures that make the biggest happy places in our hearts.  

Note to My Daughter

I love that you love and want to wear your "twirly" dresses.  Isn't it fun to be a girl sometimes?  I still want to wear twirly dresses, too! 

Note to My Daughter

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Someday, I hope you have a little girl just like you.  Not to get even, but so that you can listen to all the wonderful stories she tells you, insist on helping her father shovel snow, and watch her dance and sing along with the silly pop music of your time.


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