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Tah-Dah!  One finished top-down raglan baby sweater. This small sweater was knit from Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in the colorway "Irving Park".  I used the Kniting Pure & Simple "Babies Neckdown Cardigan" as my framework for the pattern, but changed the sizing and converted the ribbing elements into seed stitch.  I also opted against a hood.  If you are looking for a worsted weight yarn sweater pattern model for the under two set, this is a good basic pattern to start from and the instructions are easy to follow. 

20090115_TopDownNeckline.jpgThis is the first time I have actually sewn buttons down on a sweater.  Amazing, eh?  I selected these little butterfly buttons because I thought the yellow made for a nice contrast with the sweater without stealing the show completely, and, of course, because Ms. Z loves butterflies.  She was remarkably patient with me, while I spent what probably seemed like an eternity to her, picking the final buttons (and, truth be told, I ended up coming home with several options because I was feeling very indecisive).

20090115_TopDownBack.jpgShe is getting increasingly hard to photograph, and the lousy weather of the last couple of weeks really limited my picture taking opportunities, but John and I were finally able to capture the little sweater in action. 

20090115_TopDownFrontNotBut.jpgBefore I headed out to buy the buttons, we had some good light in the house, so these pictures came from my first photoshoot.  Little doll, is she not?  I love some of the sweet and innocent looks she has.  You'd never believe she was really starting into those temper tantruming terrible twos, would you?*

20090115_TopDownFrontButton.jpgAnd here's the sweater fully completed and buttoned on to her.  Buttons, as I discovered, are not a toddler's friend.  Especially when there are 6 of them.  A zipper might have been a better call -- but she did like the butterflies.  I knit this sweater to be a little larger than most two year old sizes in hopes that it would also see some fall action.  I think it fits her well and still has a reasonable amount of growth room.  Will it make it to fall?  Only time will tell. 

20090115_TopDownBabyFace.jpgThis isn't really much of a sweater shot, but it's one of those photos that makes me smile -- she's smiling and reaching for the camera and her crazy fine hair is all over the place (she has her father's hair and hairline in spades).  It's so very Ms Z, so it seemed like a good way to wrap up this post and head into the weekend.

* She's actually not that bad so far, behavior-wise.  She's definitely trying to test her limits, but she's still a lot of fun to be with.