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Sophie and Sophie*

After a somewhat unhappy trip to the dentist, I promised my small person a treat for dealing with it so well.  It is funny what sticks in the memory of my child.  She has been asking me for a Sophie since I made this one for a close friend's new arrival over two years ago, not too long after she had turned two.  The dentist is conveniently close to a nice yarn store, and after fortifying myself with a latte from my favorite coffee shop (also conveniently close to the dentist) we headed over to Nina and I told her that she could pick out yarn for something she'd like.

I want a pink bunny, Mama.

The color of the year is pink.   I haven't really tried to influence her interest in color... but like most little girls, pink and purple have risen to the top of he list.   So we picked out a nice pink washable (and even affordable) yarn.  I thought she might let it go for a little while, but right after we walked in the door...

When are you going to start my bunny, Mama?

Followed by:

Mama, is that the head of the bunny?

When do you put the stuffing in the body, Mama?

Mama, you need to knit the bunny another leg.  Bunnies need two legs, Mama!

Mama, how come the bunny only has one arm?

When are you going to knit the other ear, Mama?  Are you working on it yet?

My bunny needs a face, Mama!  My bunny needs a face!

Ms. Z has been my constant coach and task master when it comes to her Sophie.  Even with all the wheedling and cajoling a very verbal 4 year old can muster I sill managed to take several months to bring Sophie to the finish line.  Since handing Sophie off (she refused to give the bunny a different name) she's insisted on bringing the bunny everywhere with her.  Sophie sleeps with her, she has to be belted in next to her in the car, she's been to pre-kindergarten for a day and she has had a busy life following Ms. Z around.  This is the first time a hand knit toy has been so well loved by my kiddo, even if for just a short period of time.  It's enough to make a Mama think that maybe she should get her act together and start working on that pair of striped knee socks she has the yarn for....

*My daughter's name is the Polish version of Sophie.

Winter Socks

Yarn: Austerman Step 01
Pattern: My Standard Toe Up Short Row Heel Socks
Needles: US 1

Simple socks are about all you'll find on my needles right now.  They can be easily knit while I watch John play Skyrim or while I am participating in a conference call or webinar where I am not a significant participant, but need something for my hands to do to keep me from checking my email and not paying attention all together.  I started these socks some time ago... maybe in early 2011 when it was chilly out.  Even though this yarn is a commercially dyed self-striping yarn, I'm excited about it:  it's Austerman Step, the yarn that was impregnated with jojoba oil and is supposed to be moisturizing for your feet.

After Z was born, my skin when from just being sensitive to a full blown eczema*.  With help from a good dermatologist and a lot of Zyrtec it's under control, but the dry Chicago winter weather is still hard on my skin, so I'm always looking for ways to make it feel better.  I've never figured out whether I'm wool sensitive or not, but since most wools do amp up the itchiness factor, I've been weeding most of them out of my life in favor of the softer merinos, silk and cotton.  Those fibers (except for merino) aren't common in sock yarn so I'm looking forward to seeing if this one keeps the irritation down but still gives me warm winter feet.

*I don't get rashes so much as I feel like I want to itch the top layer of skin off.    And I love the irony of being an immunologist with an overactive immune system...


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