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Swatching and Rolling

With a little help from my favorite 16 week old baby, I actually accomplished a little knitting project this week:

A Pair of Squares

The swatch on the left is made out of the Tess Designer Yarns Sock Yarn in the Confetti colorway.  The swatch on the right is made out of Opal Sock Yarn from the Southwestern color series.  I found the pattern stitch for the Tess Yarn swatch in a Japanese stitch dictionary that I purchased a little while back and I like it quite a bit.  It is very easy to memorize and very easy to work even when nursing a squirmy small person.  It may have to find it's way into a pair of winter socks.  I think it would be the perfect in a toe up design! 

The swatches don't look quite square... they are pretty close.  The Tess Yarn swatch needs to be stretched a bit, the Opal swatch needs a little compression. I'm hoping that Michaela won't mind working with them.  Hopefully they will make it into the post on Monday or Tuesday. 

And because no Friday would be complete without an appearance by Z:

Z Wearing A Very Special Hat

Here's Ms. Z getting ready to go for a walk last weekend.  It was a bit chilly so we got to dress her up in some knitwear.  This hat has got some more outdoor time since then.  It's the perfect size for her and it is absolutely adorable.  Which fits so well with her right now.  She's started making a lot of sweet little vocalizations -- sometimes it almost sounds like she's trying to copy what we say to her. 

We're rolling off to Ann Arbor to see Grandma and Grandpa this weekend.  It's a guarantee that that hat is going to come with us!

P.S.  The comments should actually really work now!  And, of course, I've learned a few more things about MT4.  Now maybe I'll be able to start bringing some of my own look and feel back.