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This week has been quite the week. Z has decided to give up napping during daylight hours. I kid you not. She started doing this on Monday and as of the end of Thursday she's still maintaining this pattern. She takes an evening nap now (which she never did before) and has not given up sleeping through the night. And nothing we seem to try during the day works -- except carrying her and letting her fall asleep on one of us. And even that tends to be fleeting. If we get an hour that way, we consider ourselves lucky. We're baffled. We have no idea what has changed -- or if anything has really changed. She's also gone back to wanting to nurse every three hours (when she's not sleeping) and when she nurses, it's usually a 45 minute session. I would love her to sleep some more, because it seems to me like an 11 week old baby needs more than about 12 hours of sleep a day.

Which is a long way of saying that I haven't gotten very much knitting done this week, since my days are filled with keeping Z from getting bored and wailing in all this awake time she has created for herself. I'm beginning to think that my baby has decide that she's going to adopt an "I'll sleep when I'm dead" attitude. Scary to think what could be ahead!

Fortunately, since I can't talk about my own knitting (well, I could, but I would have no interesting pictures to show), I do have someone else's knitting that I can talk about. Z was gifted with a lovely handknit blanket from one of her Babcia's close friends.

White Blanket with Pink Trim

It's not a huge blanket, but having knit a couple of baby blankets myself, I know that a 3' x 3' blanket is a huge amount of work, even with a simple stitch. This blanket is plain stockinette in the center, but has a lovely eyelet motif all around the edges.

Blanket Pattern Detail

I am sure I have seen this pattern in Barbara Walker's Treasuries, but I can't remember the name (not surprising, motherhood seems to have robbed me of the few memory brain cells I had left). John tells me that this blanket is a fairly traditional sort of Polish baby blanket. Probably because there is a lacy pattern in it. I love the scalloped crochet edging with the little bit of pink detail.

It's also a practical blanket -- it's definitely made out of an acrylic yarn. Once it gets a little colder we'll be able to use it and know we'll be able to wash it if Z does something that makes washing required. I'm really touched by the gift. While John's family knows the woman who made the blanket, I don't and it really gets me when someone that I don't know does something really nice for us. I know it's for the baby, but the person who really gets to enjoy the hand knits is me. At least until Z is old enough to appreciate that sort of thing.

Z Models Her Handknit Blanket

Of course, I couldn't close an entry about something that was a gift for Z without including Z in the post. She very gracefully agreed to model the blanket so you could all see how well it co-ordinates with her wardrobe. And while she's not smiling, I just love this picture of my very bright eyed baby showing us how well she holds up her head -- this picture was taken when she was about 7 weeks and had just figured out how much there was to see if she could keep her head up and move it around.