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Rainy Thursday Afternoon

This afternoon's latte for a rainy day brought to you by a lovely mug from Jennie the Potter. I've seen her at several craft shows and wool festivals but at this year's Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago (September, 2008) I finally bought one of her lovely sheepy mugs*.  It makes a perfect latte mug and is dishwasher safe (absolutely essential in my house!).  She was lovely to talk to at Renegade (helping me hunt for just the perfect color) and she and her husband provided excellent customer service when we ran into a little snafu with my credit card.  I'm also in love with her Yarn Ball Bowl.  So much cute sheepy goodness!

*I'm showing off Jennie's lovely goods strictly on my own.   I simply think her work is sweet and lovely and wanted to share in case you need a special mug for your own collection. And because I love to show off my latte making skills on my blog :-)

Rocking Sheep


Don't you think every nursery needs a Rocking Sheep?

Link via Aparatment Therapy: the nursery
one of my favorite baby design blogs.


A Chocolate Ram in a Blanket
I came home Sunday night thinking that I would look through my pictures and get a post together.  Travelling to MS&W is such an energizing activity.  I get to see a whole collection of wonderful people, from blogger land, I get to dive into a sea of color and texture, and for two days there is just nothing more important than soaking in the atmosphere created by thousands of people who share passions similar to mine.  But after I got off the plane at O'hare and said good bye to my best buddy and excellent travelling companion, Julie, all the activity of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival caught up with me, and about all I was good for was dinner out with John and a bit of TV. Today, as I was looking through my meager collection of photos (someday I will get better at taking pictures at events) I decided that I would break things up a little bit.  This post is all about the creatures that we saw. 
There are lots and lots of creatures at MS&W.  No surprise there, eh?  A sheep festival that has sheepy participants.  In fact, there are lots of other creatures there, too: llamas, alpacas, angora goats, and angora rabbits.  But the sheep are really what get my attention.  I like sheepy faces and sheepy voices.  I think the chocolate-y colored gentleman in the picture above is a Corriedale, but I'm not completely sure.  I'm still working on becoming a good identifier of sheep breeds.  No matter, he had a regal bearing that drew me to want to take a picture of him home with me.  I am very much drawn to rich and dark colored sheep.
Blue Faced Leicester Ewes
There are an incredible number of interesting breeds at the show.  I learned more about Lincolns and Karakuls and Shetlands and Romneys.  No pictures of course. This breed, however, should be one that most new spinners should recognize, at least by breed name: the Blue Faced Liecester.  It's hard to see, but they do have a bit of a blue cast to their faces.  They also have what is referred to as a "Roman" nose.  Personally, I really loved their ears, which reminded me of llama and alpaca ears.  The BFL seem almost aristocratic.  And these were clearly enjoying a little rest in a barn that was blissfully cool due to both shade and a nice breeze.
A Collection of Kid Goats
I wish I knew for sure that these were angora goats.  This little pen of creatures was just adorable.  When I was much much younger, my aunt had goats on her small farm in Colorado.  They were full size goats, and not for fiber (milk was their primary role, and I remember it being wonderful), but they had wonderful personalities.   So I have a special place in my heart for goats.  
I had been planning to take more pictures of sheep... really I was.  But these three pictures (one of which is not sheep) were all the creature photos that came home with me.  Too bad I can't share the vivid images in my head.  Everywhere we went there was a fiber animal of some kind... sheep being shorn or trimmed, sheep being shown, sheep being taken for a walk, baby goats being carried back to a pen or a car, llamas looking on while people strolled by, the occasional border collie.
So many wonderful animals.  How could one not be inspired to buy fiber?  More on that (and some of the people I met) tomorrow. 

Sheepy Happiness


My post is late today for a variety of reasons, mostly to do with having to make sure that my brother made it to my house after a late night arrival into O'hare (it wasn't supposed to be a late night arrival, but snow has a way of making these things happens), but a little bit to do with being a bit under the weater and also a little bit to do with having to make an unexpected trip to northern Michigan tomorrow and not being able to have a real post for Friday. So a mid-Thursday post seemed the best option given the circumstances.

I haven't shown off the goodies I got for Christmas. One in particular deserves special attention because it is just so special and smile-inducing. Here's the newest addition to my growing collection of sheep:

It's Hard Not to Smile When You See this Sheepy Face

He is supposed to be a baby sheep on his back (he's a little over 6 inches), which is why he's photographed in that way. When Mom gave him to me, I just couldn't put him down. Not only does he make me smile, but he feels absolutely wonderful. I am waiting for mom to give me the name of the woman who made him, but apparently he is derived almost entirely from products from this woman's own sheep -- sheep that live a mile or so away from my parents in Ann Arbor. His little fleecy coat is locks from a real sheep. His soft hooves, face and ears are made from felt that come from the fleece one of these sheep as well.

Hand Crafted Sheep Face

I thought the felting details really deserved closer inspection, as the sewing and sculpting really is lovely and makes him feel so whimsical and wonderful. I think he may sit by my computer desk and be my sheepy blogging muse.

See y'all on Monday!