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Swimming Upstream

Ready to Take on the Thumb Gussett

This weekend I got back to my Fiber Fish mittens for the first time in a while and completed the main body of the mitten. I ended up adding another section of entrelac (this is because I'm doing the small mitten, which I think is meant to be mostly child-sized, and while wide enough for my hand is not really long enough) and then completed the head of the fish. As it turns out, I like this a lot better than just knitting extra rows after the last round of entrelac specified by the pattern for this size because it meant that I got that extra nice blue area in the body of the fish and got a bit more color in the head area.

The next step in the process is to pick up stitches for the thumb gusset -- the thumb creates the top "dorsal" fin for the fish and is the last major part of the mitten before I get to think about weaving in all those ends.

Even with the slow pace I am knitting up these mittens at, with all the cold and snow hitting Chicago lately, I'm beginning to think I might actually get to wear these mittens this year!


Entrelac in Macro Mode

Just a quick post... on a busy night. The entrelac section of my first Fiber Fish mitten. A surprisingly easy technique to generate such an interesting effect. My only thought: the colors stretches in the Trekking (at least this colorway) are a little too long to show off the individual panels of entrelac as well as I would like, but still a very cool looking fish body, I think!

Fish Tale


The Fiber Fish have started to swim! So far, I've finished the first cuff of the first mitt.

Fiber Fish Tail

These little mitred squares are surprisingly fun to knit and connect together. Originally, I wasn't so sure that 5 of those little squares would be enough to go around my wrist, but when connected to 5 more squares offset, they do just fine.

I followed Laurie's instructions, but if you wanted to have mittens that were more like gauntlets, it would be very easy to lengthen the tail by adding an extra row or two of squares. And given how much yarn I've used so far, I doubt you'd have to worry about running out of yarn or anything like that.

After a little bit of ribbing, I get to launch off into some entrelac. Something new in knitting for me! I'm hoping it's fun to do and easy to make look nice.

Little Rewards

A Clean Desk

Look what I've been able to do two nights in a row. Yep. I actually have attained a state of clean deskness. I do love my Longaberger organizing baskets. They do such a nice job of helping me find a place for everything. Now if only I could have a state of clean bookcaseness and clean closetness to go along with it. One goal at a time though. I don't want to get too ambitious.

Actually, now that I have cleaned my desk, I find that it's easier to remind myself to put something away after I am done using it. It actually makes the process of going to bed with a clean desk much easier if you don't completely cover it in clutter all the time. Perhaps this goal won't be quite as challenging as I thought it was going to be.

To give myself a little reward for positive first efforts, I decided that I could start a nother little project for myself. Recently, I created some holes in my favorite pair of mittens. I've never actually made mittens before, so I thought it would be fun to make a pair for myself. When I found Laurie's pattern for "Fiber Fish", I knew I'd found the perfect thing. Fun and cute and an opportunity to play with some interesting techniques that I hadn't used much before -- mitred squares and entrelac.

Fiber Fish Pattern and Auditioning Trekking Yarns 110 and 108

I really liked the Trekking yarn for these mittens (in addition to the way it shades the entrelac so well, I also like the fact that it is superwash and contains nylon, so the mittens should be durable) but had a lot of difficulty selecting colors. It's hard to judge what you're going to get by looking at pictures of unknit skeins. Flickr to the rescue! Did you know that you could search Flickr for Trekking XXL and see almost any colorway knit up? Very cool. You know, Flickr is one of those things that I always know is out there, but I completely forget when I am doing yarn colorway research. I was really glad I remembered it this time.

Even so, I still ended up ordering two different colorways from Carodan Farm -- I just couldn't decide between colorways 110 and 108. Once I had them both sitting on my desk, however, I really liked the strong contrasting colors in 108 and I thought that the contrast between the yellow and blue would make for more interesting mittens. I spent a little time this evening getting started on the cuff for my first mitten. The mitres don't take very long to get the hang of and are easy to execute. I'm thinking this might be good knitting for while viewing a certain football game over the weekend.