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Fingerless Farinelli

This project knit up so quickly I didn't even have time to post a progress shot.

20100228_FarinelliFingerles.jpgThese are the fingerless version of the Farinelli gloves by Ysolda Teague, published in the Twist Collective.  I loved them when I saw them, but wasn't sure I'd get much use out of over the elbow opera gloves.  Ysolda then published the modifications for a shortened, fingerless version on her blog -- and that was all the remaining convincing that I needed to purchase the pattern. 

I have been wanting a pair of fingerless gauntlets for a long time.  Sitting in my home office in the winter can get quite chilly, and my mouse hand, in particular, starts to ice up.  I bought the Dream in Color "Smooshy" in the color you see above (I just can't remember the name, and the ball band is long gone) for the specific purpose of knitting myself some fingerless goodness, and, then, true to my usual pattern, took two years getting around to finding the right design and getting them knit up.  I wash about to design something myself when I found Ysolda's pattern and realized that it had all the elements that I wanted.

20100228_FarinelliModeled.jpgAs with other patterns of Ysolda's that I've worked, I was impressed with the easy to follow instructions.  I love that the pattern is mirrored on each glove.  Besides the modifications she suggested for shortening them and making them fingerless, I made only a few small changes to suit my own needs.  I chose a 2.5 mm needle instead of a 2.75 mm needle (I have pretty narrow forearms and wrists and didn't want the gauntlets to be too loose) and added a couple extra rounds around the knuckles.  They were a little stiff pre-blocking, but after a soak, they softened up and have a very lovely drape without being too loose.  Smooshy seems to come with pretty generous yardage, because I used right around half a skein for this pair of gauntlets.

These gloves are a little present to myself.  They celebrate an earlier in the month birthday as well as a career transition not to mention finding my crafty mojo again.  And they are pretty much the first knitted hand gear that I have ever made for myself.  They came together so fast that I might have to treat myself to another pair, though perhaps the second pair will have a flip top -- one of the things that any northern climate iPhone user needs in the winter is a nice pair of gloves that supports the occasional exposed fingertip!


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