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Little Winter Socks

This week got past me, in spite of my best intentions.  For the first time in about 10 years I found myself on a course of antibiotics to fend off a child-shared sinus infection, the project I work on needed to have a large budget revision completed and my uncle passed away.

This Sunday there was some calm on the water and I talked Ms. Z into a short photo shoot.

20110227_LittleKroyFxSoxWit.jpgProject: Simple Small Socks
Yarn: Patons Kroy FX, Color 0908
Needles: Darn Pretty DPs, 2.25 mm

For a while, it was very difficult to convince my fast moving toddler to slow down and let me take pictures.  As this toddler has started to become very much a little girl, she's been more willing to sit in front of the camera and take a few directions.

20110227_LittleKroyFxSox.jpgThese socks are pretty much the miniature version of my standard adult sock.  Toe up wedge toe (44 stitches around), short row heel, K2P2 ribbed cuff.  She asked for taller socks, so I worked to maximize the length I could get while still using only one skein of yarn.  The Patons Kroy is a slightly heavier weight sock yarn, so knitting it on 2.25 mm needles resulted in a nice, thick, warm sock for the kid.  This stuff is great for kid socks: inexpensive, easy to find (JoAnn's carries it), durable and fun colors.

She'd like to have some knee socks, so I'm going to see if I can find a couple more skeins in a different colorway.  Given her current interest in dresses and skirts I've been considering some over-the-knee socks for her as well, or some legwarmers she could wear in the winter with tights.


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