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Whiskers & Paw Prints Sock Pattern

The Beazle Gives His Seal of Approval

I got almost no knitting done over the holiday, but I did put the finishing touches on my Whiskers and Paw Prints Sock Pattern and it is now ready for purchase and download.

This pattern is what I would consider an "intermediate" level sock pattern. It includes a picot cuff, short row heel, and an overall pattern stitch that includes both a stranded stitch and simple lace work. You'll need to know how to do a provisional cast on, knit and purl, yarn over, and perform mirrored decreases. Nothing is terribly difficult, but you may encounter a few new things. I've created a tutorial for the provisional cast on and picot cuff to help anyone who may not have seen these techniques before. The heel and toe details are fun surprises that you can choose to include or leave out, depending on the recipient.

The pattern has full color detail pictures, is fully charted and includes two sizes, one for a medium sized woman's foot (about 8" circumference) and one for a large sized woman's foot (about 9" circumference). It also includes suggestions for downsizing and upsizing the pattern for smaller and larger feet. The yarn I used is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Medium weight, but many other yarns, such as Koigu KPPM, would be perfectly acceptable.

I'm setting the price of the pattern at $5.75. Because these socks are meant to honor a person who cares a great deal about animals, I will donate one dollar from every pattern sale to the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago. The ACS does excellent work in Chicago finding homes for dogs and cats and providing affordable veterinary care for those in need. Over my time in Chicago, I've adopted a number of animals from them and I've always been impressed by the volunteers and the staff.

To order, just click on the button below, or on the button in my side bar under the picture of the sock pattern. I use PayPal and it will take a direct PayPal transfer, credit card or eCheck. You will be provided with download instructions as soon as your payment has cleared.

Want to see a little of the detail work on these socks?

W & P Socks Are Mirror Images of Each Other
Mirror Image Heels: These Socks are Directional
Short Row Heel and Instep Detail
Cat Paw Detail on the Top of the Toe
Paw Print Detail on the Bottom of the Toe

Finished but not Finished

Socks Take a Break in the Sun

The Whiskers & Pawprints socks, they are finito! The pattern awaits some airplane time and some Thanksgiving cranberry sauce and a view of my brother's new house. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating the holiday. This biologist will be back on Monday.

Whiskers & Pawprints


Sometimes it just takes me a little while to get things finished. I've been working on a new sock design. It's a sock design meant to honor my aunt, who has spent an awful lot of time loving cats and involved in rescue projects and working to help whatever Humane Society she is living near. She's also the person who helped make sure that my Beezle found his forever home with us (my brother and his wife have a brother and sister to the Beeze). We were skeptical at first, but he worked perfectly and doesn't have too many bad habits.

I spent some time looking through my books for feline themed stitch patterns. I wanted to create a sock that was evocative of cats without being too over the top. I love our fur people, but it's easy to go over the top into crazy cat lady with cat themed clothing, and I didn't want to do that. When I first posted about this pattern, I was pleased that a number of people saw butterflies. While the main working title for these socks is "Whiskers and Pawprints", I subtitled them "Butterflies and Flowers" since I think the patterning can make you think of either, depending on the yarn you choose.

In this case, the yarn is medium weight Socks That Rock in the colorway "Amber". I picked it because it made me think of big orange tabby cats and it was very close to a semi-solid. I wanted a semi-solid, because I figured it would be easy for both the textured stitch and the lace element to get lost in the color. As it turns out, it's also a very appropriate color for Halloween, I think. So today I present an amber-colored gallery of sock images.

Wiskers and Pawprint Sock at Rest
Whiskers and Pawprint Sock in Action
Looking Down on a Sock

This is one of those socks that looks like it takes more time to knit than it really does. It has a perky little picot edging (it made me think of pointy cat ears) the leg of the sock carries the main design down to a shortrow heel (with a little decoration because my aunt likes a sock she can wear with Birkenstock type shoes) and then carries on down the top of the instep (the bottom is straight stockinette). The toe design is my attempt to create the suggestion of a cat paw.

I'm going to cast on for the second sock soon, and start working on writing up the pattern. As always with these sorts of posts, I'm open to hearing any opinions and suggestions that you might be willing to share.