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Tulip Sweater


While Ms. Z received no gift that went unappreciated, some gifts are likely to be around longer than others -- especially those handmade gifts that fall into the "heirloom" category.

20080725_TulipSweater.jpgThis lovely cardigan was made by my good friend Judy.  Out of cotton.  Two color knitting with cotton is one of those things that I definitely put in the "hard" category: hard to get good tension, hard to keep even, hard to manage yarn.  But she did a beautiful job. The sweater is bordered by a sweet crocheted edging and held together at the neckline with a pewter clasp.  Judy wasn't so sure about the clasp, but, given Ms. Z's lack of affinity for the whole button concept so far, I think it's the perfect closure.

This little sweater is definitely large enough, I think, to give Z several years of wear.  And given that it is in cotton, it will do double duty as a fall and spring garment, although the blooming tulips definitely give it a "spring sweater" feel in my book.  It's still a little big for her now, so the photo shoot including the baby is a little while off.  But the garment itself was just to pretty not to make it to my blog before Z actually fits into it.

20080725_TulipSweaterInside.jpgAnd, because, as knitters, I know you can't resist the desire to peek inside, I give you this shot to show how even and lovely Judy's floats are -- even with cotton.  Thank you, Judy, I absolutely love it and I know that Z will like it very much as she gets old enough to understand how it came to her.