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CeCe For the Summer

CeCe and my Nifty New Specs

I would love to be able to tell you that I got this finished up right after we went to Michigan. Truth be told, however, CeCe went to Michigan with me, but I never once did anything with her that could be remotely construed as working on her. I felt a little guilty, but I did plenty of other crafting, just not a lot of knitting.

CeCe is a lovely and easy to follow pattern. Bonne Marie did a great job of making a potentially complicated set of instructions easy to follow. And for the size I was making (the second smallest size) I found no errors at all. The lace pattern selected is a nice pattern for a not-quite-mindless by not terribly difficult lace knitting experience. I liked watching the over all design take place. If you've never knit lace in a garment before and want to try, this little cardigan would be an ideal way to get yourself started. I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern, although I have been wondering how it would look with a seed sttich border instead of the ribbing. I did a tubular cast on, and I thought that would give me a loose stretchy edge, but it didn't give me quite as loose an edge as i would have liked.

The yarn i chose turned out to be a nice pick for the project as well. I had some Butterfly Super 10 in my stash that turned out to be right on target as far as the gauge was concerned. It's a mercerized cotton, so it has a nice sheen that gives the sweater a little extra depth. To block CeCe, I used an iron on a setting high enough to generate steam. Then I put a towel between the sweater and the iron which allowed the heat and the steam to work it's way through to the garment without actually touching the iron to the garment.

And that's pretty much all there is to say. I could actually see making another one of these sweaters in a different color because I think this little sweater is so versatile for summer wear -- and there are almost no sweaters that I've ever wanted to make a duplicate copy of. No back shot of this sweater -- not because there's anything wrong with it, my photographer just didn't have time for a full-fledged photo shoot.But you do get to see my nifty new glasses. Sometimes a girl needs a pair of cheetah print frames!

CeCe in the Home Stretch

CeCe: All the Knitting Finished

CeCe really deserved better light, but 11 PM in Chicago is never a time for good light. I hope that it's at least clear that CeCe has sleeves, that all the knitting has been finished, and all that remains to be done is to sew the neck bands in place, sew the under-arm seems together, and weave in the ends. CeCe also needs a good blocking, but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. I don't think I've ever blocked a garmet that is both knit in the round and is cotton. I'm thinking perhaps that steaming might be the right course of action. Anyone out there ever block a knit in the round lace cotton garment?

I think I'll try to finish CeCe up while we're away for the weekend. Poor John! How would you like to travel with someone who thinks all these are required for a long weekends' entertainment:

  • CeCe and Seaming Equipment
  • Second Tiger Sock for Mom
  • Spinning Wheel and Spinning Fiber (maybe more silk?)
  • Sewing Machine and Fabric
  • Cross-stitch Dragon Project and Accessories
  • Laptop Computer
  • iPod
  • At least 2 books to read
  • Some miscellaneous magazines
  • A writing journal

Clearly I have a serious case of craft separation anxiety.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back on Tuesday.

Sleeves for CeCe

CeCe Gets Some Sleeves

CeCe is moving right a long. I completed the body up to the point where the sleeves are joined and knit both sleeves. I got a little lazy with the sleeves and decided not to do the tubular cast on that I had done for the ribbing at the base of the body of the sweater. My guess is that that omission won't be very noticeable.

The next step is to join the sleeves to the body of the garment and to get ready to do a lot of raglan shaping. This will make for a lot of stitches, but I'm hoping that all the shaping will distract me from the paying too much attention to that big number.

I was hoping to get farther on CeCe this weekend, but with another trip to Michigan planned for us over Memorial Day, John and I figured that we needed to get some plants into the ground and into planters. My favorite purchases of the weekend? A double white peony with pink trim that will keep my lonely red peony company (but definitely won't be flowering this year), a Candy Corn plant that has lovely little flowers that look like candy corn (and will probably summer outside and winter inside, and two little lavender plants that I hope won't mind living a perennial lifestyle in a planter. I have visions of fresh lavender to use in sachets and to perk up my house during the winter. Funny, how I never really liked the smell of lavender when I was growing up, but now I find it incredibly soothing.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments about my pincushion. I did have a lot of fun making it. Pretty neat when you can combine three different craft forms into one project! I may try to do some similar projects in the future if I can find some more small and interesting cross stitch motifs.

Proof of Knitting


Just in case it was beginning to seem like I don't knit anymore...

CeCe Up to the Arm Holes

This, unfortunately, isn't a very flattering picture of CeCe. Like most projects with lace motifs, she looks a bit rumpled. Also, since she's knit in more or less one piece, there's a lot of her on my circular needle. That said, however, I'm actually very excited about her potential to be a great sweater for summer. So far, the project has gone rather quickly, and when I stretch the lace out, I find the motif to be very pleasing. Iit's also easy to knit. I wouldn't call it mindless, but the pattern is easy to memorize and to troubleshoot when you run into a mistake (ask me how I know this...).

The next stop on this project is the sleeves. They're knit in the round and then attched to the sweater where everything is worked together. I don't think I've ever put a sweater together that way before, so I'm looking forward to seeing a new construction technique in action.

And now that we've finally got some sunshine after what seemed like months of rain (I know, it was only 5 days, but it felt like months), I've got some plants that are giving me some action as well.

Nelly Moser Puts on a Show

I do like my clematis! This is the first of the three I have that is flowering, but the other two aren't far behind. And in my front yard, our French lilac bush and my peony are getting ready to show there stuff. I just love this time of year!